Fundraising Events…And Happy Adventure’s…For Charities That Is Hopefully Going To Happen This Year…🌺😘..

Hi my dearest friends 💜

Even though I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment…I’m never giving up on hope..✌🏼

My dreams are sometimes shattered by mental health…by negativity or my anxiety …or slight depression..

But I need to get back up on my feet…and I will do..🙂..

Writing and creating, and listening to music generally keeps me more focused…in which it’s helping a great deal…I know that I’ve doing a lot of posts lately…but when I’m writing something that’s positive.. and happy that hopefully inspires others like yourselves… that gives me admiration and it makes me so happy to continue doing what I’m doing…that’s why I blog 💜😁✌🏼

But I had an email this morning and I’m a little nervous but excited ..and very overwhelmed at the same time….I’m doing my module training for my samaritans at the moment and hopefully building a fundraising event, that I’m trying to put together myself…and they have offered there support…in which I’m very honoured, it will hopefully be in february….I’ll be doing chocolate and traditional hampers…to raise funds for mental health…

But I hope you all have a purpose in life…♥️

Things we can control…..💖

Our beliefs

Our attitudes

Our thoughts

Our perspective

How honest we are

Who our friends are

What books we read

How often we exercise

The type of food we eat

How many risks we take

How kind we are to others

How we interpret situations

How kind we are to ourselves

How often we say I love you

How often we say thank you

How we express our feelings

Whether or not we ask for help

How often we practice gratitude

How many times we smile today

The amount of effort we put forth

How we spend /invest our money

How much time we spend worrying

How often we think about our past

Whether or not we try again after a setback

How much we appreciate the things we have…

My adventure for my charity hopefully begins in august…😘🌹

And I’am nervous, but hopefully it’s an adventure I will always share….👍🏻💛

Of course we all find a purpose in life…and even though I keep getting emotional…I know I’ve put one step forward and you can keep going to I really believe that honestly 100% I do….your amazing guys, take care..xx

Cheerio 👋…love and hugs…♥️✌🏼😁

Storm And Grace….

Hi again my lovelies….

Just a quick post 🙂…

Try listening to my song on kim marie’s blog..

It’s a song that is about god.. and how we can go through every storm possible..but god can pull us through it…and show us that he is gracious….♥️

This song as blessed me in many ways…and has sometimes given me strength…we are in this together…😘.

I do hope you find this beautiful and healing…!!

Take care…xx

A New Year…🌹

Hello peeps 🌷

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment…

When starting a new year, you have all these try a lead a happy and positive life..but I keep having a relapse from time to time…is that normal?…

Maybe it’s because I’m expecting it to soon as we are only in the few days of January?…but I must succeed my goal to work harder.. there is only myself who can do that…and that is to keep myself..busy and healthy.. right. 👍🏻 but not to over do it.. not all at once 😊…I think we need a bit of relaxing at the start of a new year..especially after the christmas period…🥱…

But I’am looking forward to going on trips to new adventures… with the community to raise funds for beat..eating disorders..and samaritans…fundraising events…to help as many as possible…I need to have my strongest willpower again!!! And try to relax my mind from work and let go and have a bit of fun… with friends and visit my family…🤗 as I don’t see them very often as I’d like to…as I’m a working girl…

Now the new year..can hopefully bring happiness for us.. don’t you agree?…I suppose it’s how you feel in yourself…

Very True…

Maybe the choice is ours…but easier said than done..especially if living with a mental illness…

But we can possibly change that right…we are all in this together…when working for samaritans…and I take calls…I sometimes get emotional but I walk away feeling very proud and happy that..I’ve helped someone going through a hard are not alone…♥️

This new year will be my best yet….and it can for you guys…

And if I keep having relapses…I’ll just get back up and start over again 😊

♥️ from my heart to yours…..✌🏼

Take care everyone….believe in yourself..💕

Cheerio 👋 xx

We Have A Right To Feel Special….😘.

Hello my dearest pals..🙂

We feel special when others make us feel like we’re a part of their life. When we’re made to feel like we take up a space in someone’s mind or heart ♥️…

Here are 10 signs that will reveal you how special you are.

  • You think there is always more to learn. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates. … 
  • You are kind to others. … 
  • You understand others’ feelings. … 
  • You enjoy music. … 
  • You listen. … 
  • You like to make others happy. … 
  • You are positive. … 
  • You have goals.

How We Can Feel With Your Mental Health…And How we can change our outlook…🙂

Discovering you suffer from a mental illness can be devastating. When faced with this challenge, most people work hard to pursue treatment and inform themselves about the disease. Even still, keeping a positive outlook and attempting to maintain good communication with your loved ones can become extremely challenging. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may feel deep sadness and frustration because of your illness. Such feelings are normal, and should not be repressed. In fact, expressing them to a close friend or through writing can help you to cope, and even thrive, despite your mental illness.

Our big heart can make us feel special 💜💙

We all deserve fulfilment and happiness 💕💕

We are beautiful as beautiful gets,
As the nature of our beauty is the beauty of nature’s equivalence,
With every movement, we are special and different to no ends,
Yet, to us, we being beautiful is anything other than common sense,
With scars sliced up and down our arms and wrist,
It’s evidence this beauty has cried, has wondered, and reminisced,
As it’s evident, we’ve tried, and has stumbled, and even wished,
Someone would take our beauty for what it really is–
And see the most beautiful humans that has ever lived….

Well goodnight my friends…cheerio..xx 💜🤎❤️💚

Pursuing Love And Happiness For Our Mental Health And Starting A Fresh New Year.. For Ourselves…❤️💖❤️..

Hello my lovelies 😜💛✌🏼👊🏻

Well happy new year 🥳 and all the best for 2020….

A fresh new year will be the start of a happy beginning hopefully for us all…😊.

Here are some tips we can improve in the new year.. of our mental illness..🤞🏻.

A new year as started….👍🏻

1. Always Learn Something New

Perhaps you have achieved success in your career — only to find you want more.

If you feel stagnant in what you are doing for work or are bored with your day-to-day, expand your options.

One way to make yourself more competitive in various career fields is pursuing further education. Most of us don’t have the bandwidth to invest in attending classes on a college campus.

Luckily, online universities are nationally recognized and more affordable than traditional in-classroom schooling. Consider signing up for some asynchronous online classes that fit your work schedule so you don’t have to interrupt your life to get ahead.

2. Take Steps to Face Your Fears

It is amazing how many of our decisions are based on fear. We fail to take risks, avoid conversations, and miss opportunities because we are afraid of the outcomes.

Here’s the deal:

Taking risks, within reason, can change your life overnight. If you have had your eye on the cutie at your local coffee shop, take a shot and ask them out for a drink. The worst that can happen to you is a slightly bruised ego. Even if they are already in a relationship or simply uninterested, your flattery may have made their day.

Don’t go through life with too many regrets. Going back to that coffee shop after being turned down is just another opportunity to face your fears.

3. Maintain a Meaningful Social Circle

Most of us have heard the timeless adage “you are as good as the company you keep.” Expanding your horizons to include new and interesting people might be the spice in life you were looking for.

Take a holistic view of your friends, family and professional relationships. Make a mental checklist of the relationships that most positively affect you and why. Take that checklist with you the next time to go to a social event. Try to strike up a conversation with new and interesting people that check those boxes.

While you’re out being a social butterfly, don’t forget where this exercise started. Be sure to not leave your old, longtime friends in the dust while fostering new friendships and relationships. You don’t want to be “that guy” in your friend circle.

4. Find Healthy Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Here’s the kicker:

Anything you do to relax can be done in excess: exercise, watching Netflix, drinking, or shopping. Be sure to choose an activity that works to relieve your anxiety in a manner that is healthy and can done in moderation.

5. Become Part of a Movement

You know all the hours you spend scrolling through social media idolizing other people’s lives? Well, they could be better spent.

As humans, we naturally seek out a connection with others and desire to feel as if we are needed. Finding a cause to get behind can help you to feel as if you are contributing to the common good. Whether it is a social justice issue or an environmental movement, there are many different opportunities to focus your time and energy to help you feel needed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be protesting every weekend to feel as if you are creating change. Making small changes in your life can make a big impact.

Using your consumer power to only support businesses who have sustainability at the forefront of their business practices is a powerful choice. It is small actions like this that have caused big businesses to reevaluate how they conduct business. Feel empowered by spending your dollars wisely.

6. Take Ownership

It is all too easy to move through life as a passive passenger. The good news is that you don’t have to give up anything in your life to regain control over it.

Take ownership over your life by taking control of a particular aspect of your life. It could be as simple as no longer being a public transport passenger and instead, using your own body’s physical power to get you to your destination.

Knowing that you can depend on yourself to make your morning commute is incredibly empowering. Free yourself of passivity and become the captain of your own ship.

7. Pay Attention to Your Dreams

If you feel unfulfilled in your life but aren’t sure why, try tapping into the esoteric side of life. Diving into your subconscious can be liberating and freeing if you allow yourself the mental space to do it.

Not everyone remembers their dreams, but you can train your brain by keeping a dream journalnext to your bed. Dreams can reveal unconscious hopes and fears that we either ignore or prefer to be unburdened with during our waking lives.

Understanding what your dreams mean is like learning a new language — requiring you to pay attention to clues, signs, and symbols. [5]

If you are the type of person to remember having recurring dreams, pay attention! Your subconscious is sending you a message. However, here’s the catch:

There are many activities that you can do to clear and refresh your mind. Here are examples of activities that have been very enriching for me and have led me toward a more positive and mentally healthy life:

  • Create a to-do list of short-term and long-term goals that you want to complete
    This may vary from reconnecting with an old friend you have not seen in a while, to taking more time to do enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Think of dreams you have always wanted to achieve – it does not matter how big or small. Having a set of goals can give you a sense of purpose in life and guide you toward your desired path.
  • Try to improve your physical health
    Engaging in physical activity has been scientifically proven to play an important role in sustaining mental health and well-being. With the advent of an active lifestyle, usually a healthy diet tends to follow. Now, I do not expect you to throw away all processed foods in your pantry and go shopping for expensive workout gear. Renewal of the mind, body and spirit is a journey, and is successful when practiced gradually. An idea would be to try walking 3-4 times a week, or eat dark chocolate instead of a doughnut or other sugary snack.
  • Begin to renew your spirit
    Practicing yoga and/or meditation can do wonders for the cleansing of the mind. You will begin to acknowledge the flow of thoughts circulating in your mind and skillfully dismiss them with acceptance and non-judgment. Research studies on the power of meditation have reported a significant reduction in negative energy and number thoughts consuming your day. Inwardly attending through the practice of yoga, meditation or another spiritual practice encourages self-awareness to help you attune to your physical and emotional needs.
  • Work on improving your stress management skills
    Try your best not to dwell on issues that are out of your control. Learning to accept the situation for all that it entails is an important skill in reducing stress. Also, pay attention to what triggers your stress responses to learn and prepare for the next instance. Knowing which situations make you uncomfortable can minimize distress and encourage better coping behaviors. Counselors and other mental health professionals are great resources to help you develop the skills needed to better manage your stress and anxiety.
  • Actively contribute to your community
    This may include volunteering for a cause or issue that you truly care about. Helping out a neighbor, or tending a community garden can help you feel good about yourself and your place in the world. An effort to improve the lives of others is surely going to improve your life too.

And last but not least, live in the here and now. Take a moment to notice the sun and wind on your face, and notice the air you are breathing. Sometimes we are distracted with tasks and responsibilities we forget to appreciate life’s precious moments. Learn how to bring your attention into the moment using mindfulness meditation or any other mental exercises you see fit. Making a conscious effort to notice and understand your inner and outer world at this very moment can improve your mental health.

So as we move from winter to spring, let’s make sure to take the time to evaluate our mental health. What are some of the helpful habits or practices that help you in your mental health spring cleaning?

One day I finally grasped that unexpected things..were always going to happen in life.. and with that she I realized the only control she had was how..I chose to handle I made the decision to survive using courage, humour and grace I felt like the queen of my own life…and the choice was mine…and the choice can be be yours too..😊.

Well that’s it for now my happy friends.. take care..♥️💛💚💙🤎

Take care…happy new year…🥂..xx

Don’t Let Anyone Ruin Your Plans For Your Future…Because Of Your Mental Illness…. You Decide What You Want In Life… Remember You’re The One Who’s In Control…✌🏼♥️😘….

Hey my lovely people..😁😗…

Turn our demons into art…our shadow into a friend…,our fear into fuel, our failures into teachers..our weaknesses into reasons to keep fighting, Don’t waste our pain..recycle our heart 💓…

This is what helped me look to a bright future ahead….we are in this together..🥰

It’s okay not to be okay…

When your having a bad day..or you just want a bit of piece and quiet…why is it some are quick to judge by thinking something is wrong….that’s not the case…🙂

Please don’t try to fix us…please understand…that we just get sad sometimes, sometimes we can shut the world out, and when we start to feel better..we’ll let it back in …🙂


The goals what I want to achieve…I never give up..and no-one otherwise can tell me which way to go or which way to turn…it’s up to me, and you, as we have the power…😉

Keep strong!!!!!😊✌🏼.

Beat your fears…..

With all these inspirational quotes….I truly think we all deserve some freedom…happiness.. and love 💕..I believe in this together.. and with the lord’s help he will guide us to happiest times…ahead ♥️✌🏼😁….

Take care..and a happy new year 🥳…


Counting The Hours Around The Clock….

Hey peeps!! ✌🏼♥️…

This is not good…it’s 3:18am in the morning…and I still can’t switch off…I think my brain as gone into overdrive mode….🤪 and I know I definitely need sleep 😴…

Well this is a interesting post…lol to share with you my anxiety plays up a little…but I think I can take control..before it gets worse…

Maybe listen to music..😁..or read a book 😜..

Or count sheep 🐑😁….🤣 does it work…I don’t know.

Maybe a good remedy will help…I need to get into a routine, to help maintain my mental health…any tips 😉..

Maybe I should develop a healthy sleep routine….

What’s worse is having work the next morning or I’m thinking how is it going to go or what could happen…the thing is nothing bad happens..that’s when overthinking starts…

Well let’s try and change this cycle into something positive 😁💖

Healthy Sleep Tips

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. …
  2. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual. …
  3. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid naps, especially in the afternoon. …
  4. Exercise daily. …
  5. Evaluate your room. …
  6. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows..

The Best Drinks for Better Sleep

  1. Hot Cocoa. There are few things more delicious or comforting than some nice warm cocoa before drawing your day to an end. …
  2. Warm Milk. This one you saw coming. …
  3. Chamomile Tea. …
  4. Peppermint Tea. …
  5. Hot Chocolate. …
  6. Cherry Juice. …
  7. Lemon Balm Tea. …
  8. Decaffeinated Green Tea.

Have positive thoughts

Living in the present is the key to surround yourself with positive thoughts.

Positive thinking means no more mental beatings over that interview you think you’re going to fail tomorrow. That fear of the future is called performance anxiety. Light stress is mostly a normal, useful reaction when confronted to an immediate challenge… but you must not let yourself be controlled by your anxiety because it could become a problem.

Positive thinking means stopping those intrusive thoughts like “I hope he didn’t see when I had that piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth sweet lord why am I thinking about that now help”. Concentrating on the present is a way to free yourself from your mistakes – it can seem trivial, but on a larger scale, dwelling on the past can cause depression.

  • Get rid of people dragging you down

Your friends are all depressed and are dragging you down? You feel guilty, you want to be a good friend but you’re tired of carrying everyone’s troubles on your shoulders?If it lasts too long, drop them like it’s hot! Or really, just change your social circle.

Just as you are more likely to be overweight if your closest friends and family are, your mood is influenced by those who are close to you. Does it seem pretty harsh? Maybe… but it works both ways! If everyone does his own righteous deed, pretty soon you won’t have to get rid of anyone. 

I know this post is why I can’t sleep lol.. but anxiety and depression is becoming more difficult when you feel truly overwhelmed…as this is how you and others can feel……✌🏼

Good night!!

On this note… I will leave you with a happy smile 😁….even though I’m now half and half..🤪..

Good night…my lovelies..♥️

Take care…..

What’s Your New Years Resolution….🎈🎊

Hi…my beautiful friends…🌼

Well let’s see…

My new years resolution is , to be happy…and I hope we can find some kind matter what we face in life with our mental health….

My Bullet journal…..I believe in a few…♥️

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life……♥️🧡💛


New Year’s resolutions to improve your mental health and wellbeing

After the busy festive period, the New Year can be an excellent time for a fresh start, and a chance to begin the year with a healthy mind-set. You may already have some ideas for New Year’s resolutions – you may be planning on joining a gym, spending more time with family, looking for a new job or career path and accomplishing your goals that you want to achieve…

Try not to beat yourself up if the road to recovery takes you one step back to rake two forward. 2020 will be the best year for me as for seeking treatment for anxiety and depression in 2019, but I still had days where I almost – most definitely – relapsed due to being overwhelmed a few weeks ago without those small moments, recovery would not be the same or have little significance.

Get back on track with your mental health. Keep your anxiety and depression in check by running, meditating or attending a fitness class….

So very true ♥️😘

These are definitely my inspiration of quotes…💖…..

This will be myself…in 2020..😍

Thank you so much for reading everyone…..have a wonderful new year….and remember to stay positive…will post more soon..♥️🧡💛💜💙

Feelings Of Being Overwhelmed With Mental Health….💛♥️

How are you my lovely pals 🌹🌹

What are the reasons of being overwhelmed?….

Well these past few weeks I’ve experienced…a little sadness…and I’m hoping of becoming strong again…

I just can’t wait to start a new year.. as this year hasn’t been a very happy one… I’m hoping to achieve further goals in my career.. I’m training at the moment to become a child and adolescent help others with mental health issues….

But it has started to become I’m very adamant..focused.. and very driven, I know what I want to do, and I won’t stop until it’s achieved…..and the thing is… I don’t take any rest in between..and it’s very draining and now I’m going to start taking a deep breath and start to relax for a while…♥️.

How can we stop being so negative…and overwhelmed..well let’s see…

The S.N.A.C.K awareness shows of how we can stop and notice the symptoms and accept and be curious with kindness…of getting ourselves on the right track again..and this as helped me in so many ways possible..and it can for you too..♥️.

It’s okay not to be okay….remember that..💖..

The R.A.I.N indicates…what it says…💜💙.

Pamper yourself to be happy…..♥️✌🏼

We can start over again…there is always time…

Never be afraid to talk about your anxiety..🙂

When I’am feeling overwhelmed like I have been, depression and anxiety start to kick in..but I try and talk about my mental health.. to a professional and it calms and relaxes me… and it set me a goal….see the thing is I was always doubting myself..I couldn’t do this I can’t do that.. but actually I can…👍🏻.

These are self mantra’s…..

Always look at these strategies…and read them constantly in your head….number 3 helped me..I can do it all, but not all at once….

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed

  1. Recognize and overcome the tyranny of the present. …
  2. Ask, “Is this really necessary?” …
  3. Push reset on your calendar. …
  4. Understand and set your operating rhythm. …
  5. Schedule the most important tasks first. …
  6. Give yourself time for unconscious thought. …
  7. Set boundaries. …
  8. Be strategic with “yes” and “no.

Number 3 stood out for me…as it’s going to be a new year ahead.. and hopefully a better one….😊.

Your purpose is simply something you want to focus on and work on achieving right now so you can live the life you imagine for yourself…😘

Well my happy peeps…take care of yourselves and most importantly try to be happy …

Love always ♥️…and all have a lovely christmas…see you all in the new year 💖🦋