Coronavirus Outbreak, Coping With Isolation….With Our Mental Health…

Hi, everyone…♥️

I Hope you are all staying safe and well…😘

This is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to face with this terrible virus….and what it’s doing to our world, and taking innocent people’s lives….the young and the elderly….it’s just so awful….that this is happening..💔

I can understand the fact of isolation..and why the government are doing what they are doing to protect…us all..and to stop this dreadful disease from spreading…but at some can have an affect our mental health..💔

Isolation with a mental illness…is hard enough for we all..anxieties, depression, loneliness, and being closed in..

So what can we do to help and pass the time of these recent weeks….in isolation, let’s see…here are some help..💖

Checklist: are you ready to stay at home?

  • Food: do you have a way to get food delivered?
  • Cleaning: are your cleaning supplies stocked up?
  • Money: can you budget for any higher bills or expenses? Will you save money from lower transport costs that you could spend elsewhere?
  • Work: can you work from home or not? If not, what are your rights to payment or benefits?
  • Medication: do you have enough medication, or a way to get more?
  • Health: can you reorganise any planned therapy or treatments?
  • Commitments: can someone else help you care for any dependents, walk your dog, or take care of any other commitments?
  • Connectivity: have you checked the contact details of the people you see regularly, like their phone numbers or email addresses?
  • Routine: can you create a routine or timetable for yourself? And if you live with other people, should you create a household schedule? Do you need to agree how the household will run with everyone at home all day?
  • Exercise: is there any physical activity you can do inside your home, such as going up and down the stairs, using bean tins as weights, or exercises you can do in your chair?
  • Nature: have you thought how you could access nature? Can you get some seeds and planting equipment, houseplants or living herbs?
  • Entertainment: have you thought about things to do, books to read or TV shows to watch?
  • Relax: have you got materials so you can do something creative, such as paper and colouring pencils?

There are lots of different ways that you can relax, take notice of the present moment and use your creative side. These include:

  • arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting, collage, sewing, craft kits or upcycling
  • DIY
  • colouring
  • mindfulness
  • playing musical instruments, singing or listening to music
  • writing
  • yoga
  • meditation.

If your feeling anxious…try games, and puzzles..and breathing techniques to try and help…

Take care…and have a wonderful Mother’s all the amazing mothers out there!!!♥️🌷🌷xx

Regaining My Happiness And Strength…Of The Girl Who Cares To Much… My Open Letter To Others…♥️💛💗…

Hello my lovelies…♥️

I’m happy to say…. I’m returning… “ yes short and sweet” but I rang and spoke to my counsellor…and she has encouraged me to keep writing my thoughts and this will help me regain my health.. and strength to stay strong…thank you so much..for your guidance..and love..♥️.

Dear you, yes you-that strong beautiful person that is going through a tough time, 😢

You are only going to be as the people you surround yourself with…so brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down….

It’s not your fault.

You probably wonder why you are the way you are, you wonder why you care too much about the littlest things.

You wonder why you worry about things that may not matter to others and often the smallest words could upset you. It’s not your fault. 

Your heart is gold. Your soul is pure. You are the type of person the world desperately needs.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are so full of love, no matter how many pieces you may break into, that love never stops.

You pour your heart out to people because you wish to see people happy. You wish to remind people that they are loved….♥️

People will tell you that this is your weakness, you caring too much, and loving too much. But those same people will end up taking advantage of it. 

It’s not your fault that you can’t help but care about everyone and everything. 

You can’t help but tell people to always be safe if they’re out late. It’s not your fault that you tend to ask people if they are okay. ….💛💖

Even if you aren’t okay yourself. But you don’t care if no one asks you.

You don’t care if people don’t make the effort to make you laugh or smile the way you make the effort. 

It’s your natural instinct to help anyone in need, to make them smile and laugh; not because you believe it’s your duty as a human, but because you find happiness in doing so. 

You could be broken in pieces but when you hear and see someone laugh because of you those broken pieces don’t matter to you. 

You believe that there’s nothing more amazing than making someone else smile and laugh….😊

This love that you are so filled with is a gift from God. 

You putting your heart and soul in caring about others, and loving the people that least deserve it, despite this you believe that those are the people that truly need love. 

Despite you finding happiness in loving people, and making them happy, sometimes when it’s 3AM and you’re so broken from people stepping all over you…..

You can’t help but wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Because despite the situations you put yourself in, the effort you make to keep people happy, each time you end up heartbroken. But you can’t stop. 

You can’t ever stop caring about people can you? You spend your nights often thinking about this, wondering why you are like this. So when you end up in this situation you wish to be heartless, and you wish to be given the ability to not care. 

Yet, this never happens does it? So to the girls out there that go through this I hope you remember these words by me; you are so strong and beautiful for the way you are.  

You are so special and precious you don’t even know my love.  

You have the ability to love the most broken, messed up humans, you have the ability to find happiness in other people’s happiness even if they do not return the same love and happiness. 

Don’t question this. You may believe this is your weakness, but in reality it is your strength.  

The ability to never go cold or heartless on humans, because you believe that everyone needs love and happiness in their lives, and you are the perfect person to spread that love and happiness.  

I hope you continue to do so. Don’t ever let anyone change this aspect of you. Don’t ever let someone tell you this is your weakness. 

We need people like you in the world, don’t let another broken human tell you that you shouldn’t care or you should love less because this world is cold and no one cares. 

Instead, love them, and show them that it’s okay. That it’s okay to let someone love them.  

Show them that you care. Show them it’s okay to be happy. Show them that loving and spreading happiness is your strength.  

I hope you continue to love the way you do, I hope you always care about others the way you do. This is the most beautiful thing about you. 

Always remember that….🥰✌🏼

Take care xx

My Last Post…For The Moment… 💔

A Letter To My Lovely Blogging Pals….✌🏼♥️💛

This as been a phenomenal share some amazing experiences and heartfelt stories of my life and mental health…and how I still continue to help others…😘

But I need to take time out…as I’ve been struggling with certain issues…and I need to get back on that pedestal….. 😢

Please don’t give up on me…I still want you to be apart of my journey….and I still want to be apart of yours…🥰

I’m not closing my site…as it means so much and as become apart of my life…as all of you wonderful people have..and I love you all….😢 but I’m taking that break to regain myself again…

Stay strong and beautiful….as always..♥️ and I will post again very soon….please don’t leave me!!! Keep posting and keep following…💛💖…

God bless you…

Take care…😘♥️ and hugs..xx

Love Yourself And Be Confident….😘💗


A while ago….I shared my poetry, this beautiful piece is what I want to share with you…because sometimes our mental health can take it’s toll of sometimes of how we feel about ourselves…💗🙂.

When I look In the mirror…..

When I look in the mirror I see me again….

After all the years of playing pretend….

It’s the me..that was back at 5 years old….

Before I was lied to, before I was told..

To watch what I eat, to brown in the sun….

To cover my lines, or I’ll never be loved…

They made fun of my nose, and the point of my chin…..

And never once taught me how to see within…

We look through a filter..a distorted mask…

Let the tears of pain, clear the fog from the glass…

Labels aren’t written in permanent ink…..

They’re societal makeup can wash down the sink…

Cause who I really am is more than skin deep…

I’m the love, I’m the spirit, the me that’s beneath…

And if we realised that this, is who we really are…

We’d identify less, with what divides us apart….

We’re obsessed as a culture, with beauty and rank..

Have we all forgotten deep down, we’re the same?

When I live from this place…I have nothing to prove…

The mirror starts reflecting more of the truth…

I love my hair, and my eyes, and the shape of my nose..

Cause the light from within is now making me glow…

After all the years of playing pretend..

When I look in the mirror, I can see me again….

Lots of love….😘♥️🤗

Remember…you are, who you are, 💗✌🏼 whatever your going through..mental health..wise..were in this together..♥️ xx

An Open Letter To Grief…As We Struggle With Mental Health….💔

I’m doing an open letter project at the moment to try and help others who are coping through hard times…..and struggles..💔

I’m also doing a fundraising event for the homeless people, who suffer with mental illnesses..and how the elderly and beloved people cope with losing a loved one….and have extremely hard times…and I offer a lot of support…♥️💛💗

I was inspired by the book that I read on the e-book…. letters to grief : walking through loss with hope…..

Dear Grief,

I shudder to refer to  you as ‘dear.’ Yet, you have been with me for so long, by virtue of the fact that you have become a part of me, I suppose that has entitled you to earn the accolade of affection, though my heart grants it unwillingly.

You are an enigmatic and elusive creature, a chameleon, changing color with habitat and season.

Some say you pass with time, like grains of sand sifting through my fingers, no longer resting in the safety of my palm.

Others say you are a process, as if by accomplishing twelve prescribed steps, I could graduate from your possession and be free of you.

But you are not a process. You do not pass, at least not in this lifetime.

You are cyclical, like the moon. You are ever-present, waxing and waning.  Some nights full, round and bright, exposing depths and darkness.  Weeks later, you pretend to sleep, a mere sliver, watching quietly through the slit of your eye.

Sometimes your brightness is astonishing and unexpected, as when one drives around a wall of trees, only to be caught unaware by the sudden, full-force of your impact.

On momentous occasions, your visibility is expected, planned for, as an eclipse.  The build-up of emotion is strong, and sometimes, to be honest, your performance disappoints.  You linger afterwards, like a hangover, making daily routine as strenuous and unpleasant as wading through knee-deep sludge.

You take on a myriad of variant shapes, like water.  Even in stages of evaporation, you don’t disappear entirely, but wait to be stored up in the clouds until a storm is ready to thunder and pelt you down in stinging drops of precipitation.

Sometimes you stand still, in a puddle at my feet, not threatening, but leaving me soggy and uncomfortable nonetheless.

Like the ocean, you pull in strong currents, and your depths are unknown. You come in waves, rising with lofty swells that crash down incessantly. You roll onto the shore of life, leaving the sand of my heart soft and impressionable, only to wash away the footprints with your next uninvited wave.

In winter, you form stoic icebergs that line the shore, masses of frozen mounds that keep well-intentioned visitors at bay, too fearful to set foot on your unpredictable foundation.

During some theatrical productions, you insist on taking center stage, pushing your way into the limelight, to be seen and heard by all. On other show nights, you are content to lean against the rear wall, nodding in approval, but refusing to walk out the back door.

You can invoke both fits of rage and surrendered resignation. You produce burning tears and melancholy, hollow stares. Nostalgic thoughts touch fingertips with moments prior to your existence, resulting in dry, wistful smiles, mere shadows of a past reality.

You can be gripping, crippling, choking and suffocating, squeezing life out of lungs.  Then you relent, and make your bed in the well of empty hearts.  You pull up the covers, and you lie down for a while.

You dwell with me … in me … but you are not my master.

You roam on a leash. You are tethered by the One who owns you.

As your Master fixed limits for the sea which He created and “set its doors and bars in place,” so He limits you (Job 38:10). As He says to the waters He formed, so it is with you: “This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt” (Job 38:11).

You will not win, nor overcome. You have already been subdued and defeated, for “death has been swallowed up by victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54).

A day is coming when you will be deemed redundant and your crown obsolete, for there shall be “no more death, or mourning, or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4).

On that day, O Grief, you will no longer be called ‘dear’ …

.. nor even a distant memory.

This amazing book as helped…in many ways..♥️💗 and when talking to many others about losing a loved one..also helped me understand..grief..losing dad at a young age..and it sometimes can destroy our mental it did mine.. as a child…💔

😘♥️ take care..everyone..Xx

An Open Letter To Low Self Esteem….💔♥️

Hi my darling’s….🌹

I know your trying..and I totally understand…😘

Ultimately, you have to learn to love yourself. Embrace your flaws because they’re what makes you unique. Embrace that beautiful hair or those pimples. Love that body of yours. If you feel like you need to change something, do it, but in a healthy, realistic way. I know it’s hard to try and make a change when all you see is imperfection after imperfection, but you’ve got to keep going. keep smiling…..I promise that things will get better if you let them…..

Don’t let people tell you who you are. Don’t let them make you feel less. As hard as it is, let the hurtful things roll right off your back. I promise you that it helps. You are who you are, and if someone else doesn’t love you, then it’s their loss. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve happiness, and sometimes you have to make that on your own. The more you open yourself up and be more positive when looking in the mirror, the happier you’ll be. You’re on your way to loving yourself. I know you’re trying, keep going….♥️💗


Take care….😘😘 xx

An Open Letter To My Happiness…😙..

Hi, my beautiful sparkles….✨✨

The beauty of our happiness…finding life and bonding ♥️💛…

Dear Happiness,

I have written countless letters to my friends such as my demanding depression, and my agonizing anxieties and eating disorders….Only now, I’m coming to the realization I have neglected writing to you over the course of my life.

You were always hiding behind every pessimistic thought, like a flashlight in a dark room, flickering because your batteries are running out too quickly.

You came to me in unexpected waves of joy. Whether you took the shape of a sunset or a human being, you always seemed to make me put down my pen so I don’t have to write to my negative friends anymore…..

I found you at the times I needed you the most. On the day my baby sister was born, you stood behind me with your hand on my shoulder, whispering sweet thoughts to me about how lovely she will be. I felt you were cheering for me…on finding profound success, promising this is just the start of a new life in which I’ll be seeing more of you….and I have to say deep down it actually did come true….💗

You once took the shape of the ocean, so vast and immeasurable. As I stood on your shore and felt your waves brush up under my feet, you comforted me each time with the promise that all my problems are incomparable to the beauties in life. The beauties in life being all the forms in which you, Happiness, can take.

At times you came knocking on my door, demanding me to open up my arms for you, but I refused. No matter how many warnings you gave to me about how horrible it is to let my friends in, I still felt naive and allowed them to intoxicate my thoughts.

My anxiety hesitatingly asked me: “Don’t you realize everyone is waiting to watch you fail?

But you, my dear Happiness, did not ask. You told. You promised. You told me that I am worth all the space I occupy. You told me I am able to move onto greater things in life. You promised me that despite the fact that things change, change can be growth, and from growth comes healing…..

Now I live my life trying to find you in everything. I walk in the city and find you in the eyes of two lovers holding hands on the sidewalk. I find you in the laughter that is so rare, it causes one’s stomach to hurt. I find you in upbeat music. In sublime and unique art….and travelling around nature 🐬 In foods that tickle my taste buds. I find you taking the form of my best friend, always giving me advice and allowing me to show my true colors. I try to find you in times that I feel like the world is crashing down on me, even if I don’t find you right away, you always seem to show up eventually…..

This was me a while ago…😔..

Happiness, just know I am always searching for you. I hope you’re searching for me too.

Sincerely, a very happy person….😄💋 xx


My Poetry About My Favourite Music And Artists That Inspire Me….♥️🥰

Hello everyone..🙂

I know it’s been a while…that I’ve written about any that’s positive..♥️ but I’ve been up and down these last few weeks with my mental health…as my nan as sadly passed, 💔 but now I’m trying to be strong again!!!! 💛

So I’m going to start with, what makes us happy 😃..of course to me…it’s music 🤗 yay!!!

So here goes….😉

My music is my everything….

Dancing away, is pure joy….

It fills me with happiness….

Just me and my music….

Singing away into the night….

Stevie nicks, fleetwood mac, and of course the beautiful gladys knight…..

Singing shout by tears for fears….

And of course everybody wants to rule the world…

I would then find a pale shelter…and listen to the song that is mad world….

Raoul and the kings of spainthat song makes me go completely insane….

With excitement, singing it so loud….

It keeps me away from anxiety and depression, “oh my goshIt’s like Im dancing away on a cloud…

And for the love of motown music…..

Diana ross, the drifters, and many more….

Settling in a relaxing moodyou know the score…

Singing so softlyI’ve calmly closed the door…

Singing is my love and joy that remains….

Listening to stevie nicks….

Enchanted and After the glitter fades….

My most favourite song of all….

Is the edge of seventeen…”oh boy” I’m having such a wonderful dream…

And one day when we shall kiss 💋 …and prince and bowie.. shall be missed….

George us on our feet…gay or straight or bi….

Music is the world of gold…as shall it never grow so old….

Music is my everythingmy soul, my beauty…that deeply comes from within…

Let’s share the music with love…♥️

Take Care…😘 xx

Goodbye…I’m Now Moving Forward…♥️💗

Hello everyone 🙂….

I’m changing my life, around my anxiety and depression…

I’m living a life that’s freely….and to the fullest,

I’ve got new opportunities, ahead of me

I write my poetry in the quietest of places…like a park or a beach 🏖 when taking a holiday, and having that creative imagination…with the silence around me….

There is certain things that I had written in a rehabilitation centre at the beginning of last year….

But now I’m turning it into something positive…let’s see if we can do this together…😄

What makes you want to try and go forward… life with mental health 😊…

Moving forward….a poem to hopefully inspire you…😘..

Moving forward is something that we need to do…

Being positive and spirited…

To pull us all the way through….

Taking that step can sometimes be scary….

As with our mental health we can struggle so barely….

I know it can be hard for us to put that one step forward in life….

But we can definitely see a ray of hope

And finally see a new light….

The light can guide us in the right direction

Showing us that we can move forward in every possible way…

To make that step forward

And trying to stay as strong as can be…

As moving forward can definitely be new for all of we….

Travelling as always been my goal…. so happily being my own person…as independent as can be….😊

I love places…around nature….🐴🌿🦩🦦🍁⛰

We can create our own life and take charge of ourselves…and not let our anxiety and depression take over…we are in this together..always remember that….♥️✌🏼

Cheerio, take care 😘 xx