An Open Letter To My Childhood Bullies …πŸ’”…

Hello everyone…

I’m writing this post… to inspire my strength and courage to others…so here goes!!!

To My Childhood Bullies,

You know who you are. Or at least I hope you know who you are. You came into my life quickly and suddenly. I wasn’t an outgoing child because of you . and what you caused…I tried to make friends frequently and easily.. I was mostly trying to be bright and curious about life. You are the bullies who have stuck with me throughout my adolescence, and my early adulthood. You’re the authors to the words that used to run rampant in my mind. I don’t want to focus on the things you said, but rather the lessons that steamed for them.

They’re experiences that so many other people have had to overcome and cope with. It’s these lessons that have stuck with me and helped me become a stronger individual that I’am today…and for that, I want to thank you….

1. Self-Acceptance.

There will always be closed-minded people, but that they have no place in my life now.

My first memory of you is from the 1st year You were the bullies who stopped me in the playground and made fun of me for my weight and for me being slow with not having a certain knowledge… that made me feel worthless…It’s those early impressions that stick with you for the longest this also happens to be the first time I remember being ashamed of myself. this feeling stuck with me for many years….

But now I’ve won….of becoming a strong and beautiful woman…that I’am….β™₯️.

So to my childhood bullies… I’ve never forgotten them painful experiences…but I do forgive you…as I’m now ready to let go…πŸ’”.

Thank you for teaching me that closed-minded people are a part of this world, but they never have to be a part of my life….


My older self…xx

Don’t let bullies overrule you…or control your life..beat them..!!! 😘..

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