Full Of Happiness..β™₯️β™₯️…

Hello my lovelies 😁

It’s been a while…since I’ve written a proper post due to recently having a bad experience with my employment…a while ago, as I was working with learning disabilities, and I found it extremely difficult… and very draining…but I started another new job in april…..I have always worked with dementia, challenging, and alzheimer’s…. as it’s my home…and that was the job I originally applied for, but she felt the need to move me to a completely different unit…but now I feel more content and in control of my confidence again….in which I’m very happy..I’ve had to regain myself and take control of my life again… and at last I feel like I’ve succeeded…😘.. and to be honest I feel on top of the world…πŸ₯°πŸŒΉ….

I know my anxiety as been through the roof with this pandemic..and lockdown the same as everybody else….but I’m feeling myself again…. gradually, a week ago it was my birthday..πŸŽ‚ being 39 isn’t bad I suppose…huh β™₯️ but I was so happy to hear from my family and friends…😊…

Action.. for happiness..asks of you..

To be loving.. compassionate, and true..β™₯️

A giver of joy.. and a healer of sorrow..

Creator of a new tomorrow..🌝

Making the happiness of all…

Your wish..your compass.. and your goal..

Stay well and safe..β™₯️

And take care..cheerio..xx