Supporting The Community With Being Homeless And Mental Health πŸ’–πŸ’›

Hi, my lovelies πŸ˜‰…

The reason for doing this post.. as inspired me so much of trying to help find our true self…with the mental health we endure…as I’ve been helping the community with the samaritans.. who find it difficult..with anxiety disorders, depression, homelessness, and eating disorders, and people living in shelters with mental health issues…

I’ve travelled with others in the community and… visiting people.. and giving food from food banks to help them survive….but living with a mental illness as you well know can be very daunting and upsetting,

Displaying many issues.. like anorexia.. and depression, I’d spoken to several people.. about finding self worth, and to finding their true self..and what their dreams and goals mean to them….

The samaritans campaign……is to help you because you are not alone, we’re here to listen….β™₯️

Discovering the way some people live and are in desperate need of friends, Jobs, food, and to try and earn a decent living…this really opened my eyes…πŸ’”

One was dealing with suicidal tendencies…because of mental health, and self harm…he explained the reason though I won’t go into detail..which brought tears to my eyes, he was really struggling.. most hard, I put together a few pennies to buy food.. and a hot drink..πŸ’”

Loneliness is sometimes the key to mental health issues…😒 and it’s so upsetting to see,

When going out into the community, and taking calls as a volunteer….can be very sad, because even though I’ve suffered mental health issues myself… I’m far lucky then these people…it’s also very hurtful when children are involved, which is devastating and heartbreaking πŸ’”

But doing things for the community, gives me a sense of happiness and something I feel so humble to be able to give something back to others….πŸ˜˜πŸ’›

Take care..xx

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