How We Can Achieve Our Goals…. With Having Mental Health…..β™₯οΈπŸ’—β™₯️

Hello Peep’s…😊

Something has inspired me to doing this post as many people have struggles of achieving their goals…πŸ’”

As we know it can be hard…due to our emotions and anxieties… things that make us extremely anxious πŸ˜₯…but I thought this is for me and nobody else..πŸ’—

I have started a whole new dream.. of being creative..regarding my poetry..😊 and working towards my adolescent and children counselling level I’ve applied for a placement in I already love to travel aswell…

Many people love to do something creative…

Write a book…

Look after children…

Teach new languages…

If you want to write a novel….try creative writing classes, also there are some really good apps on apple 🍏..

These are amazingly good..and you can learn much easier….and can guide you to write and achieve your goals of creativity..😁.

I know people have anxieties..and sometimes struggle of being with a group of people.. like myself…and it can be very daunting…

The apps above… is teaching me with my poetry and writing my first novel 😊

Teaching a new language…spanish or french…

This is the best way.. to learn a new language.. to yourself and others….

This will help conquer your anxiety and depression.. in learning to your best ability.. like will make you feel good and better about yourself…with the goals that you can achieve with mental health…β™₯️

My poetry and writing classes help me cope with my anxiety and depression… β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’š

And travelling to me is also good… feeling the fresh air and seeing inspirational thoughts…πŸ’–

You got this my lovelies..take care..😘.


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