Butterflies Are My Soul …..

Hello… everyone

Dear Butterfly…..

born and raised in captivity

to whose influence is more substantial than the truth of originality.

Can only offer but a mere of support,

if you don’t fly soon

you’ll be too late for all the sorts.

They will try to block you from the light,

knock you down from your first flight, 

fake along to take your wings,

it’s up to you to shine your beam.

Once you’re free the colors will show

having faith is what will make you glow

don’t be scared I’ll have you know

that originality is more substantial than inlfuence.

 Butterfly to butterfly who are you to judge

my colors are just as beautiful as are the colors that are shown upon yours.

We are not the same

I break the rules and you don’t

I’ll take first flight and you won’t

I’ll be the one to get splattered down

You’ll hide from the rain

Just so you won’t hit the ground

I’ll sway past birds to get to the other side

Though I get scared

I must not hide

I’ll take that risk,

I’ll be that bold,

I’ll knock the rain, 

I’ll beat that snow,

not sure of what awaits next day

so listen up

for I must say,

let me be proud of the butterfly I’ve become today. 


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