Poetry….Of Things We Struggle With….πŸ’”β™₯️..

Hello everyone…πŸ™‚

The termite (anxiety)

anxiety is
a broken car alarm
in your mind,
a mosquito
in your ear,
a shimmering hole
in your vision.
it gnaws at
the edges of
your days,
an insatiable termite
that burrows
into your soul.

This short poem is about overcoming mental health challenges, even when they’re not what you expected.


Panic pulled her under the surface,
depression held her there
until her lungs burned
and her vision went dark
around the edges.

Resigned to drowning,
she opened her mouth
to take one last breath
but something was different now:
she had grown gills.

It was difficult and unexpected,
but she lived.

This short poem is about the importance of taking some quiet time at the end of each day.

Self care for introverts…..

Every day, she swims through dark waters
even though she can’t see the shore.
She smiles and helps and tries her best
even though they ask for more.

She lives for the darkness past the end of the day,
the starry hour when she can close her door
and bathe in the silence.

This short poem is about how a pretty shiny exterior can conceal a lot of pain.

Dream girl….

The manic pixie dream girl
knows all about hiding her pain.
She dances and twirls
and flashes her brilliant wit
like a dagger.
She glitters and shimmers
and weaves beautiful lies
like a siren.
When the party ends,
she winks at her besotted admirers
and goes home with

This short poem is about taking all the time you need to heal, even when the wounds are invisible.

The real meaning of broken……

This short poem is about the journey from turmoil to peace, in whatever form it takes.

The temple of healing

Her mind was once a battleground
where fear and anger warred
and despair bound love in
iron chains.
Now it is a quiet temple
where love and kindness
learn to walk
once again.

xx 😘

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