The Creation Of Art πŸ–Ό…And Travelling…That Is Good For Our Mental Health….β™₯οΈβœŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»..

Hiya…my dearest friends 😜..

I’m super happy as my mood as been lifted a little….πŸ˜‰…

I’ve decided to travel to snowdon in august to join a wonderful team …for the most charitable event..😊.

I didn’t think that I could accept the fact that I could do it… I was going to drop out at last minute, but I must have faith in myself…right guys..πŸ˜„ and thanks for the encouragement from my friend…colleen who has made me realise how many lives I could save…from doing this charitable event..πŸ₯°….


Hopefully I’ll be fundraising…before I can complete the challenge….so it’s going to be a long couple of get it all under way….but I’m still hoping to achieve it..😍.

On doing this challenge….I’m going to be strong and succeed without failing.🀞🏻I got this…😁

On my creations….art as always been a great hobby of mine…I used to draw favourite characters of mine….and in the middle of the year I’m hoping to go to art school 🏫 at the midland art centre…in birmingham…and learn something that’s more creative to me..and take a break from working…to relax and meet amazing people…!!!!

This as really helped my mental health….as I’ve been trying to put all this together..for myself and my happiness..😊 I do become very upset easily..because I always think I can’t put one step in front of the other….but I can…It’s just that sometimes I can tend to be a lazy bum…😴🀣…

But also I want to thank a person who as also….encouraged me to continue….where we can do anything…and go anywhere in the world…you want to and just love matter what, so thank you so much, reading your post as given me a purpose in my life…😊

Hopefully this as spirits..and as kept me from being so I have been over the last few days..😘 welcome to a new year…I’m lifting my spirits up for you guys too..we all have a purpose…πŸ˜‰…

Anyway take lovelies…I’m going to take a few days rest now…but my favourite band of tears for fears..says..I believe in love power 🌻❀️.

Cheerio…and be strong 😁….

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