Fundraising Events…And Happy Adventure’s…For Charities That Is Hopefully Going To Happen This Year…🌺😘..

Hi my dearest friends 💜

Even though I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment…I’m never giving up on hope..✌🏼

My dreams are sometimes shattered by mental health…by negativity or my anxiety …or slight depression..

But I need to get back up on my feet…and I will do..🙂..

Writing and creating, and listening to music generally keeps me more focused…in which it’s helping a great deal…I know that I’ve doing a lot of posts lately…but when I’m writing something that’s positive.. and happy that hopefully inspires others like yourselves… that gives me admiration and it makes me so happy to continue doing what I’m doing…that’s why I blog 💜😁✌🏼

But I had an email this morning and I’m a little nervous but excited ..and very overwhelmed at the same time….I’m doing my module training for my samaritans at the moment and hopefully building a fundraising event, that I’m trying to put together myself…and they have offered there support…in which I’m very honoured, it will hopefully be in february….I’ll be doing chocolate and traditional hampers…to raise funds for mental health…

But I hope you all have a purpose in life…♥️

Things we can control…..💖

Our beliefs

Our attitudes

Our thoughts

Our perspective

How honest we are

Who our friends are

What books we read

How often we exercise

The type of food we eat

How many risks we take

How kind we are to others

How we interpret situations

How kind we are to ourselves

How often we say I love you

How often we say thank you

How we express our feelings

Whether or not we ask for help

How often we practice gratitude

How many times we smile today

The amount of effort we put forth

How we spend /invest our money

How much time we spend worrying

How often we think about our past

Whether or not we try again after a setback

How much we appreciate the things we have…

My adventure for my charity hopefully begins in august…😘🌹

And I’am nervous, but hopefully it’s an adventure I will always share….👍🏻💛

Of course we all find a purpose in life…and even though I keep getting emotional…I know I’ve put one step forward and you can keep going to I really believe that honestly 100% I do….your amazing guys, take care..xx

Cheerio 👋…love and hugs…♥️✌🏼😁

9 thoughts on “Fundraising Events…And Happy Adventure’s…For Charities That Is Hopefully Going To Happen This Year…🌺😘..”

  1. Thank you…xoxo I really do appreciate your means a lot ♥️ it’s what I’m hoping to achieve..this is my first time of becoming a fundraiser 😊…and being a leader..👍🏻.♥️ take care..xoxo..


  2. Hi, lovely hope you are doing okay..💜 no I didn’t do the poem in the was something that stood out for over the last few days I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with my anxiety…yeah it’s beautiful isn’t it 😍..but the poem of taking control I’d written….💖 because we can beat this…we are all in this together ✌🏼I’m hopefully fundraising mental health…for samaritans..and my adventure is for beat…eating disorders hopefully that will be in august..I would love to help as much as I possibly can….take care..if ever you need support…don’t be afraid to email me…♥️

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    1. Hey my dear friend ❤ I can understand you so well. I also feel sometimes anxiety because of the dentist… and my life like job, career, big unkown in the future. The poem is really so beautiful! I feel that way too ❤ You are such an inspiriation my love. You write also so beautiful. I can understand you so well. Yesterday I donated money for the fires in Australia. I also find it important to help others because we all need help in this life. Yes of course, you can email me too! What's your mail? ❤

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  3. We will also beat….anxiety…but you will have a purpose in your life one day..your only young…you have loads of time…to build a career..remember your the one that’s in control..not your anxiety..don’t let it win okay my love..💖 also you can read my post on mental was you who inspired me to do that post.. take a look 😊.

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