A New Year…🌹

Hello peeps 🌷

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment…

When starting a new year, you have all these resolutions..to try a lead a happy and positive life..but I keep having a relapse from time to time…is that normal?…

Maybe it’s because I’m expecting it to soon as we are only in the few days of January?…but I must succeed my goal to work harder.. there is only myself who can do that…and that is to keep myself..busy and healthy.. right. πŸ‘πŸ» but not to over do it.. not all at once 😊…I think we need a bit of relaxing at the start of a new year..especially after the christmas period…πŸ₯±…

But I’am looking forward to going on trips to new adventures… with the community to raise funds for beat..eating disorders..and samaritans…fundraising events…to help as many as possible…I need to have my strongest willpower again!!! And try to relax my mind from work and let go and have a bit of fun… with friends and visit my family…πŸ€— as I don’t see them very often as I’d like to…as I’m a working girl…

Now the new year..can hopefully bring happiness for us.. don’t you agree?…I suppose it’s how you feel in yourself…

Very True…

Maybe the choice is ours…but easier said than done..especially if living with a mental illness…

But we can possibly change that right…we are all in this together…when working for samaritans…and I take calls…I sometimes get emotional but I walk away feeling very proud and happy that..I’ve helped someone going through a hard time..you are not alone…β™₯️

This new year will be my best yet….and it can for you guys…

And if I keep having relapses…I’ll just get back up and start over again 😊

β™₯️ from my heart to yours…..✌🏼

Take care everyone….believe in yourself..πŸ’•

Cheerio πŸ‘‹ xx

4 thoughts on “A New Year…🌹

  1. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed I’m always there to chat our kid ✌️❀️

    It’s amazing that you take time out of your life for others…like with the Samaritans.

    Love your posts and love our interactions.

    This is my way of showing appreciation for all that you do…and for who you are.

    Don’t never change for no fucker ✌️❀️

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  2. I will lee.. thank you…I truly appreciate your comment..β™₯️ and it’s so nice that you love my posts and you take time to read them…we are in this together right fam..✌🏼..πŸ™‚ …by the way you last sentence made me giggle 🀭..but so true I’m never going to change for anyone…thank you for your support…take care..and keep writing amazing posts as you always do..πŸ’–


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