What To Tell Yourself When Things Get Tough…..

1, If you overcome such challenge, you’ll become much stronger then..

2, If things are too easy, life would be to dull….

3, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90%how you react to it….

4, You’ll make yourself proud of how I go such a hard time in the future….

5, When you wake up tomorrow morning, things could be different again….

6, You can look back and remember how you went through those difficult times? This time would just be the same. no this time would be even better…..

7, Life is like a roller coaster. It has it’s up and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride……..

Yes, Life Is Tough, But You Are Tougher…….

Find the strength to laugh everyday, find the courage to feel different…. yet beautiful.

Find it in your heart to make others smile too….

Don’t stress over things you can’t change. Live simply. Love generously……

Speak truthfully Work diligently…and even if you fall short, keep going…

Depression Can Hit You Harder Than You Know It…..😞

Hello everyone….🙂

Depression poetry…🙁

They say that happiness will find you,

But I think sadness finds you too,

It sneaks upon you in darkness,

Just when you think you’ve made it through,

It opens holes in what was solid ground,

The kind you never know are there,

Until you go to make another step,

And find you’re standing over air,

The world around you passes by,

In blurs of colour and sound,

Nothing around you making sense,

As you continue your plummet down,

You can’t remember how it started,

And you don’t know when it will all end,

But you know that you’d give anything,

To stand upon your feet again,

Sadness is that feeling,

When the falling doesn’t stop,

And it saps your life of meaning,

And all the good things that you’ve got,

So when you finally hit rock bottom,

And you look back up at the sky,

What you once had seem’s far away,

The only thing left to do is cry,

People all yell out “save yourself “

Calling things about happiness and hope,

But they’re to busy with their lives to realise,

It’d be a lot quicker if they let down the rope,….

When I hit rock bottom… I looked at this thinking there as to be a way out…but there was one thing that stopped me was my family and my little god son…because above all I put them first…..💜🧡💙

Thanks for reading 💖…

To My Happy Bloggers…Have A Very Merry Christmas 🎄…..

Hi, there my beautiful friends 👫….

Well this season is here again…🍻


My lovely followers, we are strong and we can mend….with loads of inspiration, and happiness, a bond that never ends….♥️

Poem for Christmas Eve

This is a love story, if you can accept it,
that God the father looked down at his world 
and the world was like a sleeping, fitful child 
and the child was spoiled. 

Its nations called each other names 
and roamed earth’s playground like a gang of boys 
who choose sides, always brandishing 
their terrifying toys. 

The world thought it was fatherless and hunted 
restlessly for some new sign or token 
as if Christmas had come and gone, its presents 
all unwrapped, already broken, 

and the father God looked at his child 
and counted the cost of love’s freedom: but he had a plan, 
to step from out of time and into history 
and become a man. 

With eternity to find the spot he chose
with the greatest care. One night a workman stood 
in a barn with a group of animals 
watching the birth of God 

while out on the hills some shepherds were astonished
as a skyful of angels appeared then disappeared,
and a few astrologers saw a change in the stars
they’d studied for years

and almost everyone else knew nothing.  
Caesar turned and settled in his luxurious bed 
while in Bethlehem the power and the glory 
bawled for milk in a shed. 

It was quite an entrance. The only Son of God 
homeless, illegitimate, a refugee, 
owning nothing but the world that he grew up in 
had made himself quite empty, 

his birth itself a kind of dying where 
he abdicated power, omniscience, 
was needy, hated and misunderstood 
and after the last violence 

he was laid in the womb of a grave for the birth 
which Bethlehem merely anticipated 
and for which the blind, brave, barricaded 
spoiled world waited— 

no sage or rustic came with gifts, 
only some women, hopelessly brave, 
brought spices in the dark of morning 
to an empty grave. 

Two deaths, two births, the manger and the cross: 
the first brought hope, the second brought salvation.  
Out of his poverty this child has made us rich 
beyond imagination, 

and on a winter evening in a suburban home 
a father looks down at his sleeping child.  
The room is warm and brightly lit. Outside 
the night is darkly wild, 

and the child that sleeps knows well that she is loved,
and in her bones knows how to disobey, 
and she will learn that none is innocent, 
that death takes all away, 

and the father looking at her peaceful face 
feels his own helplessness and counts the cost 
of the love between them in a spoiled world 
where all must end in loss 

but for Bethlehem and Calvary. These births 
have brought an end to death, 
and the child in the manger is the Lord 
we feed on in our hearts by faith 

now and forever. Child, if you would wake
on this Christmas Eve outside you’d find
a star, not a streetlamp. Listen, you can hear
the angels’ message in the wind.

New Year Blessing……

A New Year Poem….

Christmas Holly

At the sound of the tolling midnight bell
a brand new year will begin.
Let’s raise our hopes in a confident toast,
to the promise it ushers in.

May your battles be few, your pleasures many,
your wishes and dreams fulfilled.
May your confidence stand in the face of loss
and give you the strength to rebuild.

May peace of heart fill all your days
may serenity grace your soul.
May tranquil moments bless your life
and keep your spirit whole.

Welcome New Year

Welcome the New Year,
Let the bells ring!
Lift up your voices;
Everyone sing!

The New Year’s beginning;
Start it off right.
Bid it good fortune
And welcome tonight.

The Old Year is passing,
But there’s none to mourn.
We are rejoicing;
The New Year is born!

Thank you to all of you….you beautiful wordpress bloggers…your amazing 😉 and thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences of your posts and also taking the time to read and share mine ♥️♥️🧡💙.. your the reason why I blog.. because we all deserve happiness, peace and love 💓

Take care….💞

Have a very merry and safe Christmas and a happy new year 🥳 !!!

Cheerio peeps ♥️✌🏼😃 xx

True Inspiration Comes From Within….🧚🏻‍♀️

Hello my fellow friends…..💕

We as humans have true inspiration within ourselves no matter what we are going through with our mental health… anxieties..panic attacks..depression…..

What as inspired me to do this post…is that someone said…..that they wished that they could do something that’s purposeful …..💙🧡

Well guess what…😁 you can…if you only believe in yourselves…anxiety can get the better of you..don’t let it…✌🏼♥️

We are all beautiful humans….💜💞💜

Poetry is from my heart to yours…….🧡❤️💜💙


Find your journey…..😉

Believe in yourself…💕

Believe in yourself

And in your dream

Though impossible things may seem

Someday somehow, you’ll get through

To the goal you have in view

Mountains fall and seas divide before the one who in his stride

Takes a hard road day by day

Sweeping obstacles away

Believe in yourself

And in your plan

Say not- cannot- but, I can,

The prizes in life we fail to win

When we doubt the power within

This is something that I found that was important…most of all don’t quit..❤️✌🏼

Let no one steal your dreams…..

Let no one steal your dreams

Let no one tear apart

The burning of ambition

That fires the drive inside your heart 💓

Let no one steal your dreams

Let no one tell you that you can’t

Let no one hold you back

Let no one tell you that you won’t

Set your sights and keep them fixed

Set your sights on high

Let no one steal your dreams

Your only limit is the sky

Let no one steal your dreams

Follow your heart

Follow your soul

For only when you follow them

You will feel truly whole

Set your sights and keep them fixed

Set your sights on high

Let no one steal your dreams

Your only limit is the sky….♥️

One life…..

Well this is it for now my beautiful sparkles ✨

I hope your truly…finding happiness…and above all peace and love ♥️✌🏼😃

Take care xx

Thank The Lord For Happiness And Leading The Way Forward….Be True With Yourself..💕

Hello my friends….♥️

No matter what we face or go through..with our mental health…the lord will always guide us the way of showing us that we can be strong..and fight the brick wall that is facing us…as it has happened to me a few weeks ago..😔 ..

I was suffering from depression yet again.. my work load was getting on top of me and I wasn’t relaxing at all…I was facing a all time low..and I thought oh no not again please lord pull me out of this nightmare…

But to say the least..I thought differently…as we do need to believe in our true selves.. which to me that is hard to do but I thought it’s life I can’t change me..I will always be the kim that I’am..

And so I started over again…it’s taken me so long to write a post (you know) something that is inspirational…so poetry is my main favourite to help myself and guide others to happiness and peace and love that we all deserve ♥️✌🏼😃 no matter the consequences…of what we face is what I’ve said before we can fight our mental health and find our souls within our true selves..😊

My True Self…..♥️💛💙

I’m planting the seeds of my past in the ground
I buried them deep in the earth
The outer shell of pride had died
Revealing a kind of new birth

The shell of my protective self
It ruptured and broke away
Revealing the inner kernel of truth
Of who I am today

The outer shell of my false self
She took her final breath
As I; My true self, began to breathe
I felt like I cheated death

May the beauty of my true inner self
Blossom, take root in the soil of love
May I see the happier side of life
And behold the beauty of

I planted the seeds of who I am
Of who I choose to be
A strong, compassionate woman
Who knows who she is; The True Me….

Thank you lord..❤️💜

Believe in this my pals..because this is what we all are true to yourselves….🦋 take care xx


My Second Sunshine Blogger Award…💚🧡❤️💛💙

This is my second sunshine blogger award!!!🥈

Hello My Darling’s 🥰


I’m so privileged to accept this sunshine blogger award for the second time ☀️….thank you so much for a beautiful heartfelt person..natalie for nominating me!!! ♥️✌🏼😀

I want to thank all of you for the continued support of reading my posts… I truly do appreciate you all….and there is more inspiration to come…as I will always continue to support and help others…🧡💛

My Questions To Answer 🧡🦋♥️

1. Where do you feel most relaxed and at peace? (e.g., your room, the beach, etc)

My bedroom is my world, as it’s my own peaceful space…and I have time to relax and chill out..writing poems, a journal or my blogs of inspiration, watching my favourite film comedies or definitely listening to music esp stevie 😃…. But I also love nature…and discovering new places..I find the mountain streams are so peaceful and beautiful….

2,. How do you typically handle conflict?

Oh this is a tough one….I’m pretty rubbish in that category 😂 I would try and handle the situation correctly, focus on their behaviour.. and try and talk to help resolve a situation…

3. What drew you to blogging?

The Inspiration of helping and healing others…as I’ve gone through rough times with my mental health..and eating disorders….and I was always thinking I was alone..but there is always a million others…and I want to be able to help others…who are going through bad times in there lives… so blogging was the best option for me.. to write down my own feelings and to guide and help them along the way…..

4, Who has been a major influence in your life?

My Major Influence is mainly Inspirational singers I have so many, definitely stevie nicks, mariah carey, roland orzabal of tears for fears and their musicmusic is what I most live for…😊❤️ oh and my beautiful family…

5, Do you consider yourself more introverted or extroverted?

I really do consider myself as introverted….as Im a reflective and a quiet person, I like to stay focused…I think and then speak…I love creativity.. I love to hear other people’s ideas before my own…and solitude I love peace and quietness around me most of the time…..I love to go off on my own trip…

6. What brings you fulfillment? Do you get that from your career?

Yes I definitely do get that from my career…I deeply love and I feel a sense of my caring nature of the people I look after as I now work with learning disabilities…and even though they are different, to me they are still human beings like all of us…they have a heart and soul ( you know) they are still somebody’s children and to me I can go home and say I’m so proud of what I’ve done today…and that definitely to me brings me fulfillment…of making them happy 😊

7, What major event in your life has shaped you into who you are today?

I’m going to say again 😊 my career … as I worked extremely hard to get where I’am today… I know we all work hard to reach our goal.. but as I had no knowledgeable skills as a child I’m so proud of how it as shaped life into a better place….today so thank you to god for getting me this far…✌🏼

8, Are you a forgiving person?

Well I sometimes found it extremely difficult to forgive at firstbecause of what others have done in the past…but now? Yes I do believe that I can be forgiving as the lord says still forgive them and bless them even though they’ve hurt you..I think it makes you the better person…..

9. How do you think your friends would describe you?

My friends would describe me as…loving, caring, and a fun bubbly person kind and thoughtful and who is enjoying life right now…😘 😉 oh and I do have a sense of humour side of wittyness 🤣 in which I can’t share..🤣

10, If you were stranded on a desert island and you magically didn’t have to worry about food or water (or sunscreen)… what three things would you bring?

A picture of my family that I would treasure…

My Journal…

And definitely not forgetting my music… I would be totally lost ♥️

11, What is one of your favorite songs and why?

I have so many…make it happen by mariah Carey because throughout school I found it hard to write things down or even read it…and her song make it happen gave me so much encouragement that I was going to make it happen as I had no knowledge at all and I’m a big fan so I totally believed in that song I also have another song that’s inspirational to me….everybody wants to rule the world by t4f…as if I was to rule the world it would be with whole happiness…for everyone and where peace and love will remain….♥️….


Mira the handy journal 📔

Rachelmankowitz 😉

Crazy little things 😜

The godly chick diaries 😊

Jeanette….PTSD 😁

Neverending story quotes 🧡

Louise ❤️

Mending Jackie 😃

Jazzy Jaye 💙

Joshua Duazo 😃

Sally Ann v Joseph 😄


1, What Inspires you the most….

2, What’s your favourite time of the year…Christmas or birthday 🎁 ….

3, Who is your most favourite influence….

4, What are the best achievements in your life….

5, What made you become a blogger….

6, If you wanted to change the world tomorrow …what would you do to change it……

7, What’s your favourite relaxing moment….

8, What’s your favourite song…and is it important to you …if so tell us why….

9, What’s your favourite smell….

10, If there was something in your life that you wanted to do better from your past life what would that be……

And finally….

11, What’s your favourite vacation…..

There you go happy 😃 blogger’s my questions to answer…..

Thank you again so much to natalie!! Peace and love 💕 …..

Cheerio 👋…xx