Don’t Let Anyone Ruin Your Plans For Your Future…Because Of Your Mental Illness…. You Decide What You Want In Life… Remember You’re The One Who’s In Control…✌🏼♥️😘….

Hey my lovely people..😁😗…

Turn our demons into art…our shadow into a friend…,our fear into fuel, our failures into teachers..our weaknesses into reasons to keep fighting, Don’t waste our pain..recycle our heart 💓…

This is what helped me look to a bright future ahead….we are in this together..🥰

It’s okay not to be okay…

When your having a bad day..or you just want a bit of piece and quiet…why is it some are quick to judge by thinking something is wrong….that’s not the case…🙂

Please don’t try to fix us…please understand…that we just get sad sometimes, sometimes we can shut the world out, and when we start to feel better..we’ll let it back in …🙂


The goals what I want to achieve…I never give up..and no-one otherwise can tell me which way to go or which way to turn…it’s up to me, and you, as we have the power…😉

Keep strong!!!!!😊✌🏼.

Beat your fears…..

With all these inspirational quotes….I truly think we all deserve some freedom…happiness.. and love 💕..I believe in this together.. and with the lord’s help he will guide us to happiest times…ahead ♥️✌🏼😁….

Take care..and a happy new year 🥳…


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