As The Night Draws In…πŸŒ‘

As the night draws in….I see the stars…

As the night draws in….it captures my heart….

Getting darker ..with bright lamp lights…

And a slightly cool breeze….

With the sound of a whistling wind gently blowing through the trees….

Upon looking through the window…

I pray to god…may there be peace at last…..

I see and hear gentle spots of rain speckling on the window glass….

It started to pour down with rain….

Hearing splashing sounds coming off the window pane….

God you have now granted me my special wish….

Now finally with the night drawn in…and silence is bliss…

This is poem that I wrote when I was sitting by myself in a rehab centre…earlier this year…and I would love to share it with all of you…β™₯️.

Take care and merry christmas πŸŽ„ πŸ’‹

4 thoughts on “As The Night Draws In…πŸŒ‘”

  1. Thank you….☺️ this was the first time of starting to write my poetry…and writing this, was the way forward for me..of looking for a peaceful moment… of just me, quietness and the voice of god,
    to pull me through that toughest time of my life..and he answered my prayers…β™₯️ Take care..


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