My Second Sunshine Blogger Award…💚🧡❤️💛💙

This is my second sunshine blogger award!!!🥈

Hello My Darling’s 🥰


I’m so privileged to accept this sunshine blogger award for the second time ☀️….thank you so much for a beautiful heartfelt person..natalie for nominating me!!! ♥️✌🏼😀

I want to thank all of you for the continued support of reading my posts… I truly do appreciate you all….and there is more inspiration to come…as I will always continue to support and help others…🧡💛

My Questions To Answer 🧡🦋♥️

1. Where do you feel most relaxed and at peace? (e.g., your room, the beach, etc)

My bedroom is my world, as it’s my own peaceful space…and I have time to relax and chill out..writing poems, a journal or my blogs of inspiration, watching my favourite film comedies or definitely listening to music esp stevie 😃…. But I also love nature…and discovering new places..I find the mountain streams are so peaceful and beautiful….

2,. How do you typically handle conflict?

Oh this is a tough one….I’m pretty rubbish in that category 😂 I would try and handle the situation correctly, focus on their behaviour.. and try and talk to help resolve a situation…

3. What drew you to blogging?

The Inspiration of helping and healing others…as I’ve gone through rough times with my mental health..and eating disorders….and I was always thinking I was alone..but there is always a million others…and I want to be able to help others…who are going through bad times in there lives… so blogging was the best option for me.. to write down my own feelings and to guide and help them along the way…..

4, Who has been a major influence in your life?

My Major Influence is mainly Inspirational singers I have so many, definitely stevie nicks, mariah carey, roland orzabal of tears for fears and their musicmusic is what I most live for…😊❤️ oh and my beautiful family…

5, Do you consider yourself more introverted or extroverted?

I really do consider myself as introverted….as Im a reflective and a quiet person, I like to stay focused…I think and then speak…I love creativity.. I love to hear other people’s ideas before my own…and solitude I love peace and quietness around me most of the time…..I love to go off on my own trip…

6. What brings you fulfillment? Do you get that from your career?

Yes I definitely do get that from my career…I deeply love and I feel a sense of my caring nature of the people I look after as I now work with learning disabilities…and even though they are different, to me they are still human beings like all of us…they have a heart and soul ( you know) they are still somebody’s children and to me I can go home and say I’m so proud of what I’ve done today…and that definitely to me brings me fulfillment…of making them happy 😊

7, What major event in your life has shaped you into who you are today?

I’m going to say again 😊 my career … as I worked extremely hard to get where I’am today… I know we all work hard to reach our goal.. but as I had no knowledgeable skills as a child I’m so proud of how it as shaped life into a better place….today so thank you to god for getting me this far…✌🏼

8, Are you a forgiving person?

Well I sometimes found it extremely difficult to forgive at firstbecause of what others have done in the past…but now? Yes I do believe that I can be forgiving as the lord says still forgive them and bless them even though they’ve hurt you..I think it makes you the better person…..

9. How do you think your friends would describe you?

My friends would describe me as…loving, caring, and a fun bubbly person kind and thoughtful and who is enjoying life right now…😘 😉 oh and I do have a sense of humour side of wittyness 🤣 in which I can’t share..🤣

10, If you were stranded on a desert island and you magically didn’t have to worry about food or water (or sunscreen)… what three things would you bring?

A picture of my family that I would treasure…

My Journal…

And definitely not forgetting my music… I would be totally lost ♥️

11, What is one of your favorite songs and why?

I have so many…make it happen by mariah Carey because throughout school I found it hard to write things down or even read it…and her song make it happen gave me so much encouragement that I was going to make it happen as I had no knowledge at all and I’m a big fan so I totally believed in that song I also have another song that’s inspirational to me….everybody wants to rule the world by t4f…as if I was to rule the world it would be with whole happiness…for everyone and where peace and love will remain….♥️….


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The godly chick diaries 😊

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1, What Inspires you the most….

2, What’s your favourite time of the year…Christmas or birthday 🎁 ….

3, Who is your most favourite influence….

4, What are the best achievements in your life….

5, What made you become a blogger….

6, If you wanted to change the world tomorrow …what would you do to change it……

7, What’s your favourite relaxing moment….

8, What’s your favourite song…and is it important to you …if so tell us why….

9, What’s your favourite smell….

10, If there was something in your life that you wanted to do better from your past life what would that be……

And finally….

11, What’s your favourite vacation…..

There you go happy 😃 blogger’s my questions to answer…..

Thank you again so much to natalie!! Peace and love 💕 …..

Cheerio 👋…xx