Don’t Let Anyone Ruin Your Plans For Your Future…Because Of Your Mental Illness…. You Decide What You Want In Life… Remember You’re The One Who’s In Control…✌🏼♥️😘….

Hey my lovely people..😁😗…

Turn our demons into art…our shadow into a friend…,our fear into fuel, our failures into teachers..our weaknesses into reasons to keep fighting, Don’t waste our pain..recycle our heart 💓…

This is what helped me look to a bright future ahead….we are in this together..🥰

It’s okay not to be okay…

When your having a bad day..or you just want a bit of piece and quiet…why is it some are quick to judge by thinking something is wrong….that’s not the case…🙂

Please don’t try to fix us…please understand…that we just get sad sometimes, sometimes we can shut the world out, and when we start to feel better..we’ll let it back in …🙂


The goals what I want to achieve…I never give up..and no-one otherwise can tell me which way to go or which way to turn…it’s up to me, and you, as we have the power…😉

Keep strong!!!!!😊✌🏼.

Beat your fears…..

With all these inspirational quotes….I truly think we all deserve some freedom…happiness.. and love 💕..I believe in this together.. and with the lord’s help he will guide us to happiest times…ahead ♥️✌🏼😁….

Take care..and a happy new year 🥳…


Counting The Hours Around The Clock….

Hey peeps!! ✌🏼♥️…

This is not good…it’s 3:18am in the morning…and I still can’t switch off…I think my brain as gone into overdrive mode….🤪 and I know I definitely need sleep 😴…

Well this is a interesting post…lol to share with you my anxiety plays up a little…but I think I can take control..before it gets worse…

Maybe listen to music..😁..or read a book 😜..

Or count sheep 🐑😁….🤣 does it work…I don’t know.

Maybe a good remedy will help…I need to get into a routine, to help maintain my mental health…any tips 😉..

Maybe I should develop a healthy sleep routine….

What’s worse is having work the next morning or I’m thinking how is it going to go or what could happen…the thing is nothing bad happens..that’s when overthinking starts…

Well let’s try and change this cycle into something positive 😁💖

Healthy Sleep Tips

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. …
  2. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual. …
  3. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid naps, especially in the afternoon. …
  4. Exercise daily. …
  5. Evaluate your room. …
  6. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows..

The Best Drinks for Better Sleep

  1. Hot Cocoa. There are few things more delicious or comforting than some nice warm cocoa before drawing your day to an end. …
  2. Warm Milk. This one you saw coming. …
  3. Chamomile Tea. …
  4. Peppermint Tea. …
  5. Hot Chocolate. …
  6. Cherry Juice. …
  7. Lemon Balm Tea. …
  8. Decaffeinated Green Tea.

Have positive thoughts

Living in the present is the key to surround yourself with positive thoughts.

Positive thinking means no more mental beatings over that interview you think you’re going to fail tomorrow. That fear of the future is called performance anxiety. Light stress is mostly a normal, useful reaction when confronted to an immediate challenge… but you must not let yourself be controlled by your anxiety because it could become a problem.

Positive thinking means stopping those intrusive thoughts like “I hope he didn’t see when I had that piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth sweet lord why am I thinking about that now help”. Concentrating on the present is a way to free yourself from your mistakes – it can seem trivial, but on a larger scale, dwelling on the past can cause depression.

  • Get rid of people dragging you down

Your friends are all depressed and are dragging you down? You feel guilty, you want to be a good friend but you’re tired of carrying everyone’s troubles on your shoulders?If it lasts too long, drop them like it’s hot! Or really, just change your social circle.

Just as you are more likely to be overweight if your closest friends and family are, your mood is influenced by those who are close to you. Does it seem pretty harsh? Maybe… but it works both ways! If everyone does his own righteous deed, pretty soon you won’t have to get rid of anyone. 

I know this post is why I can’t sleep lol.. but anxiety and depression is becoming more difficult when you feel truly overwhelmed…as this is how you and others can feel……✌🏼

Good night!!

On this note… I will leave you with a happy smile 😁….even though I’m now half and half..🤪..

Good night…my lovelies..♥️

Take care…..

What’s Your New Years Resolution….🎈🎊

Hi…my beautiful friends…🌼

Well let’s see…

My new years resolution is , to be happy…and I hope we can find some kind matter what we face in life with our mental health….

My Bullet journal…..I believe in a few…♥️

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life……♥️🧡💛


New Year’s resolutions to improve your mental health and wellbeing

After the busy festive period, the New Year can be an excellent time for a fresh start, and a chance to begin the year with a healthy mind-set. You may already have some ideas for New Year’s resolutions – you may be planning on joining a gym, spending more time with family, looking for a new job or career path and accomplishing your goals that you want to achieve…

Try not to beat yourself up if the road to recovery takes you one step back to rake two forward. 2020 will be the best year for me as for seeking treatment for anxiety and depression in 2019, but I still had days where I almost – most definitely – relapsed due to being overwhelmed a few weeks ago without those small moments, recovery would not be the same or have little significance.

Get back on track with your mental health. Keep your anxiety and depression in check by running, meditating or attending a fitness class….

So very true ♥️😘

These are definitely my inspiration of quotes…💖…..

This will be myself…in 2020..😍

Thank you so much for reading everyone…..have a wonderful new year….and remember to stay positive…will post more soon..♥️🧡💛💜💙

Feelings Of Being Overwhelmed With Mental Health….💛♥️

How are you my lovely pals 🌹🌹

What are the reasons of being overwhelmed?….

Well these past few weeks I’ve experienced…a little sadness…and I’m hoping of becoming strong again…

I just can’t wait to start a new year.. as this year hasn’t been a very happy one… I’m hoping to achieve further goals in my career.. I’m training at the moment to become a child and adolescent help others with mental health issues….

But it has started to become I’m very adamant..focused.. and very driven, I know what I want to do, and I won’t stop until it’s achieved…..and the thing is… I don’t take any rest in between..and it’s very draining and now I’m going to start taking a deep breath and start to relax for a while…♥️.

How can we stop being so negative…and overwhelmed..well let’s see…

The S.N.A.C.K awareness shows of how we can stop and notice the symptoms and accept and be curious with kindness…of getting ourselves on the right track again..and this as helped me in so many ways possible..and it can for you too..♥️.

It’s okay not to be okay….remember that..💖..

The R.A.I.N indicates…what it says…💜💙.

Pamper yourself to be happy…..♥️✌🏼

We can start over again…there is always time…

Never be afraid to talk about your anxiety..🙂

When I’am feeling overwhelmed like I have been, depression and anxiety start to kick in..but I try and talk about my mental health.. to a professional and it calms and relaxes me… and it set me a goal….see the thing is I was always doubting myself..I couldn’t do this I can’t do that.. but actually I can…👍🏻.

These are self mantra’s…..

Always look at these strategies…and read them constantly in your head….number 3 helped me..I can do it all, but not all at once….

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed

  1. Recognize and overcome the tyranny of the present. …
  2. Ask, “Is this really necessary?” …
  3. Push reset on your calendar. …
  4. Understand and set your operating rhythm. …
  5. Schedule the most important tasks first. …
  6. Give yourself time for unconscious thought. …
  7. Set boundaries. …
  8. Be strategic with “yes” and “no.

Number 3 stood out for me…as it’s going to be a new year ahead.. and hopefully a better one….😊.

Your purpose is simply something you want to focus on and work on achieving right now so you can live the life you imagine for yourself…😘

Well my happy peeps…take care of yourselves and most importantly try to be happy …

Love always ♥️…and all have a lovely christmas…see you all in the new year 💖🦋

As The Night Draws In…🌑

As the night draws in….I see the stars…

As the night draws in….it captures my heart….

Getting darker ..with bright lamp lights…

And a slightly cool breeze….

With the sound of a whistling wind gently blowing through the trees….

Upon looking through the window…

I pray to god…may there be peace at last…..

I see and hear gentle spots of rain speckling on the window glass….

It started to pour down with rain….

Hearing splashing sounds coming off the window pane….

God you have now granted me my special wish….

Now finally with the night drawn in…and silence is bliss…

This is poem that I wrote when I was sitting by myself in a rehab centre…earlier this year…and I would love to share it with all of you…♥️.

Take care and merry christmas 🎄 💋

My Inspirational Quote To Others….😘

Trace the scars life has left you. It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. You believed. 💖

“You are the only person who gets to decide if you are happy or not—do not put your happiness into the hands of other people. Do not make it contingent on their acceptance of you or their feelings for you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if someone dislikes you or if someone doesn’t want to be with you. All that matters is that you are happy with the person you are becoming. All that matters is that you like yourself, that you are proud of what you are putting out into the world. You are in charge of your joy, of your worth. You get to be your own validation. Please don’t ever forget that.”

Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle…✨✨

Always show confidence 💖💖….because you have just that..💖💖.

Love yourself…..

Become stronger

Someone, somewhere is going to see your happiness and try to damper it. They are going to see your positivity and question it. They are going to see how you act—full of life with a smile on your face—and poke fun, or judge, or wag their finger in front of your nose and tell you all the ways you’re wrong.

Don’t let them.

Life is too short to not be passionate – about things, about people, about love, about living.

And if there’s a career or person you’re crazy about, a goal you’re fighting to pursue, a dream you’re still doodling in the corner of your notebook, a song you just keep on singing—I hope you never stop letting that passion fill you.

Our dreams, our drive – those are things that matter at the end of the day. Not how many possessions we accumulate or how much money is in our wallets. Not the things we’ve accomplished or the recognition we’ve been given, or even the times we’ve failed.

What matters are the lives we’ve touched and the joy that has filled not only our hearts, but the hearts of those around us.

That’s why when you find something that makes your body and soul shine, you cannot give up on it, no matter what anyone says.

Sparkle in the sun, dance in the moonlight, set fire to the world with the passion in your heart. You are light – beaming and brilliant.

One day you will find something you love. And one day you’ll understand what I mean when I say you have to chase that something. You will have this unexplainable pull to do, to be, to become whatever it is that your heart is telling you. It won’t always make sense, but your fingers will tingle, your heart will jump, your body will suddenly feel so alive, and you will glow with the light that only passion and love can bring.

And when that happens, I hope you remember my warning: Don’t let anyone dull your shine.

Because this is your opportunity to grow, to shift, to make something beautiful in a world that’s filled with so much darkness. This is your life and your future and all that you are meant to be – if you step out of the shadows and let your light be seen.

And as long as you keep chasing what you love, as long as you keep listening to your heart and believing in yourself and your dreams, you can, and will change the world…

Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart 💓 and nourish your soul….

Music is life..♥️♥️

When nobody else celebrates us, we should celebrate ourselves…

When nobody else compliments us, we should compliment ourselves….

It’s not up to other people to keep us encouraged, it’s up to ourselves….

Encouragement should come from inside…💖

Take care….♥️✌🏼😁…