Hey.. Goodbye To Negative Thinking.. Hello To The Real World..Of Positive Thought’s…Again ✌🏼

Hey my beautiful people…..β™₯️

As you may have noticed, I’ve been away for a while… taking a break with family, and friends, and then concentrating on my new job…continuing my training..week by week I’ve been a very busy 🐝!! It’s been exhausting…

And now at last I have some free time…thank the lord.. πŸ™πŸ»

What as inspired me to do this post.. is that we should focus on our goals and dreams in order not to let negative thinking ruin our lives….and get the better of us..At this precise moment I’ve found it a little difficult to feel comfortable in my new job…and I started thinking negative again and letting my brain go into overdrive.. in which I seriously hate,”yes I know it’s a very strong word” but at times it can get out of control…but all that’s about to change..again!!

But here is the million dollar answer of what I was thinking:

Maybe I’m taking things too personal again.. like I did before, can I do well in this new mental health profession, and the answer is YES… I can, maybe when I’m comfortable in my new job, I will absolutely love it…and that is why I keep pushing myself forward everyday….to succeed, as now I’ve had my promotion.. of senior care role.. and I’ve bonded with my unit I’m working on… and I adore the residents.. and they are becoming quite attached to me, so at least something feels right in my heart about this job…

I was struggling a little while ago, and trying to come to term’s with negative thinking… I kept getting emotional, depressed, and extremely tired..I thought what do they think of me, do they like me, can they see that I’m a caring person…thinking am I doing this right β€œyou know” am I doing that right… my overthinking was definitely coming back…and spiralling out of control..πŸ˜₯ it’s extremely hard when you have left your old Job… of 22 yrs, and that I’ve now come out of my comfort zone… but if your wondering why I had left my old job is because it became too hard on my own mind and became exhausting mentally..I was dealing with challenging behaviors…aswell which put a strain on my overthinking, and anxiety. leading to depression..

But I’ve worked with learning disabilities in my training.. before anything else which is what I wanted to do first.. so really it isn’t anything new to me, it’s just a new routine..and a new environment..

But what has led me to negativity again is that I’m finding it difficult to fit in.. maybe I’m thinking to soon!!!

But negativity and overthinking has control of your mind..

Don’t let it fool you one bit.. because it wins everytime..

Not for me, this is the final straw, I’ll be fine.. I know I’m good at the job that I do.. I just need to believe in myself a lot more..and I will then feel comfortable..around others and the people that I look after.. because my manager wouldn’t have faith in me if she believed that I couldn’t do it..and I know that she has every trust in me..to do my job that I love and enjoy, and that means everything to me in my πŸ’“ as I have for these patients I look after πŸ™‚.

I believe every word, what a good person left for me on my older blog about overthinking.. and I thank you so much for that comment.. because I looked back.. and thought β€œyes it’s so true” spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow, instead of the problems of yesterday..!!! ✌🏼and β™₯️

This as helped me a great deal.. so goodbye πŸ‘‹ negativity, hello positivity πŸ’“πŸ˜˜ that’s what I believe in πŸ˜„..

Cheerio everyone…✌🏼β™₯️β™₯️

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