A Way To Look At Things In A Different Light…Try Loving And Believing In Yourself First…πŸ’œπŸŒ·

This year as been the hardest for me.. I’ve always had a struggle with Isolation, depression, anxiety, a number of eating disorders… low self esteem, social anxiety, binge eating, as you have read in my previous blogs… and trying to communicate in helping others… I’ve had help to overcome these situations as I’ve spent recent months in a rehab centre …πŸ’”

And now I’ve found the courage to stand on my own two feet without being afraid….a lot of my past had something to do with the way that I was living, esp… with isolation.

People do have a difficult time in their lives of living and struggling with mental Illness, bipolar, manic depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc,….

This could be the hardest situation that you are in… and I get that, I really do, but you must have the courage to look at your life and think, one step at a time… do a journal of thoughts and feelings, set out your goals, things that interest you…

The picture above… shows my plan of reaching my goal that I focused on, and having trust, hope, faith, and belief… many people have a struggle setting out these goals esp with what they are facing or what they are going through….

Take social media for instance, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and the affect it does have on mental health, but in another way we can look at it, we can work harder for what we want…maybe I’m making it sound as easy as that…. but you need to believe in yourself, and love yourself more no matter the situations.

I agree it can be upsetting when we see people being happy and enjoying themselves..taking vacations, having money in their pocket, and it gets you thinking why can’t I do that…but that isn’t always the case, they could be having a more of a worse day then others..

Believe In Yourself…..

Believe in yourself and you can achieve.

Things you never thought possible.

Believe in yourself and you can discover.

New talents hidden inside you.

Believe in yourself and you can reach.

New heights that you thought immeasurable.

Believe in yourself and you can elucidate.

The problem that defies every solution.

Believe in yourself and you can tackle.

The hardest of all situations.

Believe in yourself and you can make.

The complicated things seem simple.

Believe in yourself and you can enjoy.

The beauty of nature’s creation.

Believe in yourself and you can learn.

Skills of gaining knowledge from experience.

Believe in yourself and you can discern.

New depths in your life.

Believe in yourself and you can perform.

Way beyond your expectations.

Believe in your aim and work towards it, with elation, determination and dedication, believe in yourself and you’ll feel blessed.

As you are god’s special creation……..✌

Make It Happen….

When I was going through my childhood I was always considered the slow girl with no knowledge, I couldn’t even write things down on paper… or read where I was always in a foundation class than a higher education class to others… and children were cruel, my exams was always low in marks..I wasn’t good with numbers I had to find a way to learn new skills, but it was a struggle that I kept on giving up saying that I can’t do this….no no no.

Who as Inspirations… of music that helped you along the way of growing up, and believing in yourself… the video above, helped me find strength to say one day I will make it happen… I will achieve what I want…I started to go to college school to help me read and write even though at the time I had no interest, but in the long run I was happy of continuing to learn my goals..and as for others saying I’m finding it difficult… and keep giving up, need to start over again without failing I know it’s extremely hard… but you can start over each day!!! and ignore others… these happy people you are talking about you can look back and say I’m strong no matter the consequences…

No matter how hard you have had it in your life, as I have over recent months with mental Illness, things you want don’t fall into your lap I learned that this year…. push yourself to the extreme…as we can tend to be a little lazy, like set out on going out in nature, on the beach, and other things.

Try setting yourself free…. as like next year, my plan is to go to university.. to start my counselling level 2 or becoming a talking therapist…Anyone struggling, tell me your interests… and goals, we all have a goal…

I’ve had to push myself so hard that I know that I can do anything without fail.. because I’ve always said to myself I’m weak and unhappy but I needed to change my way of thinking..we all have dreams, and when I’d choose the career I wanted, as a mental health profession, even though It caused a lot of stress in the long run. I’m very grateful and privileged of the way things did turn out for me… even though I have been in very dark places… with anxiety and depression, I push myself to say…..

Believe in yourself… as I’ve struggled myself, of being happy finding peace, and love….

Love will come your way, when you believe and heal yourself…It’s not going to come over night, but you will look back and say I’ve come this far ahead..And now I can help others and guide them to a new destiny…Be honest and true to yourself, and I’m sorry for the very long term of writing..But to me this is Important for you, as we all have a purpose in life.. never give up.

Easier said than done…but even though your going through a bad day!!! of unhappiness or having mood swings on and off day to day that can’t be helped…keep positive.

Okay my pals!!!

I feel better now I’ve done this blog!!!

Stay positive, Love, peace and happiness….


4 thoughts on “A Way To Look At Things In A Different Light…Try Loving And Believing In Yourself First…πŸ’œπŸŒ·

  1. I really liked this one. My goal is to learn about the government and what’s going on in this country. My big goal is to learn as much as I can. It’s really hard to push yourself when you always feel overwhelmed and exhausted. What do you do to learn new things?

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  2. I wrote this post, because everyone has a purpose….I know it’s hard, to push yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted…but you have strength…I mean look at your comment the other day, you were full of beans and happiness πŸ‘ go on the other advice that was given, and it was good advice ( you can learn new goals no matter how long it takes) and love will find it’s way to you without you knowing it…..Take care β€οΈβœŒπŸ˜ƒ..


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