Spiritual Healing…..In Mental Health…Poems Of Healing And Life….

Hello my lovelies, hope you are keeping well…..

I haven’t written in a while… as I’ve been going forward with new opportunities.

But I haven’t forgotten my roots of helping others to move forward, as I see a light in all of you, in healing our mental health…as some of you may never feel properly cured,and as we all can have good days and bad days……always focus on what the next day will bring…and think I’m going to stay positive today, YOU GOT THIS!!!…

Spiritual Healing…..

Powerful Poem About Life Lessons…….

Faith and courage is what will get you through this life……

In life there are people that will hurt us and cause us pain,

But we must learn to forgive and forget and not hold grudges,

In life there are regrets we will have to live with,

But we must learn to leave the past behind and realise it is something we cannot change,

In life there are people we will loose forever and can’t have back, but learn to let go and move on…

In life there are going to be obstacles that will cause interference, but we must learn to overcome these challenges and grow stronger…

In life there are fears that will hold us back from what we want, but we must learn to fight them with the courage from within,

God holds our lives in his hands, he holds the key to our future, only he knows our fate.

He sees everything and knows everything. Everything in life really does happen for a reason: “God’s Reason”…..

Before healing myself, I was in a very dark place…where I became extremely lost… and I didn’t know which way I was turning!!!….

There’s a cold dark corner in the back of my room,

It speaks to me and says I’m coming for you,

As I lie on my bed, wild thoughts run through my head,

As I lie in fetal position, my eyes are closed hoping and wishing,

Maybe that one day my dreams will come true, that I don’t have to be here so down and blue,

The corner keeps on telling me about how I’m going to die, all I can do is lie there and cry,

As the corner gets closer and takes me, my soul turns to burn as so does my skin,

My bones shall lie there turning to dust, my bed surrounding nothing but rust.

I read that poem over and over thinking that, when I heal my soul I’ll look back and think…..thank the lord I’ve survived away from that dark place….we all have strength and power to fight our demons, and we have a right to be on this earth for love and healing, even though we might face a brick wall that BRICK WALL CAN BE BROKEN!!!!!! and we can then mend our broken pieces.

Fighting with your illness, can be an extremely huge struggle when you are trying your damn hardest to pull yourself back up on the straight and narrow…. Here is a poem to establish, the difficulties many of you face!!!

Life is hard to live sometimes when the light inside no longer shines, Everything around you becomes so dark, You grab a knife and leave a mark! It makes me feel alive again! replacing fear and doubts with pain!

You hope to fill the emptiness, You fight to end of loneliness, You start to drink your pain away, drowning your sorrow day to day.

You quickly want to end your life! You sit alone holding the knife,

Failure now consumes your heart, hate and love is tearing you apart!,

The fear and pain controlling your mind, the hate inside you leaves you blind…

The bit of love you feel, someone with bipolar disorder.. it’s real It’s why you are here It’s for your love to remain, although you may fear your completely insane…….

However spiritual healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body, heart and mind to free the soul….

This addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins. In this way, we eliminate toxins that undercut the soul, we then release motion that splits the person away from themselves. And doing both allows the person to become whole…..

When I looked at spiritual healing myself… and my physical health, and my ways of getting healthy again I started to write down my own poetry and emotional stories on healing and faith and of course years of painful situations in my youth through childhood… I wanted to help and guide others through the healing process, as a few months ago my breakdowns spiralled out of control of loneliness and despair and going through anxiety and depression… even though I work in the mental health Industry myself, in can become very draining… even though I’m very dedicated…..

I’m going to leave you with one last poem….. a poem of healing and courage..

Having someone to help you is great,

Especially when they’re always there,

A poem can be good mate,

Lift you up when you can’t bear,

It can help you through the pain,

Never to leave you standing alone,

Guiding and healing till you rise again..

I need a healing in my soul,

Lord, give me a voice for my healing,

One that will cry out in the distance,

One that will ring out in the streets,

I need a healing for my future,

Lord give me a voice for my healing

One that can speak potential into being

One that with faith can act on your will…

Well we can heal and believe in spiritual healing as I did to help me guide my brightest future’s ahead, and believe me it can work for you guys to….never never let anybody discourage you.. because they do that honestly….

Take Care my sweetie’s…..Lots Of Love and happiness and peace coming your way…..


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