My Journey Of Healing, And Why I Write My Blogs……And How It Helped Me Find Stability.

Hello my lovely bloggers…..

My inspiration of doing this post, is looking of how far I have become as a human being…I’m on the way of healing myself, and I’ve succeeded my journey…. I’ve always seen the good in others, of the posts that I read of which I become sensitive too, and as of which I’m raising funds for the awareness of mental health. I’m participating in a sponsored run…… so things are brightening up for me..I see the good in all of you 100%

Blogging as changed me and the way I live my life and as helped in so many ways of typing down my thoughts and feelings as my journal, but also finding my stability above all else…

I know happiness is hard to find.. as for over the past few weeks I’ve had to find myself with my anorexia nervosa but I’m mending every little piece of my soul that as now healing… and now I’ve found the confidence again to continue my journey with you guys….

I just love writing, and one day I will follow my dreams of going to university next year, to do my counselling level 2…And do my therapy training.

These are dreams that we can follow, what are your main goals in your life, please comment and share with me… everybody as a purpose in life, no matter what we face.

Happiness, and healing is beautiful, we can find that light at the end of every tunnel, as we do despite our mental health… never give up pals, just like I haven’t we have so many dreams ahead of us, keep putting yourself on the right track… and you will get there..


And this is the reason why I blog, to try and help guide others hopefully in the right direction….as I’ve struggled myself and it’s definitely not easy because we all have a shining light inside our souls…of happiness.

Love, Peace, And Happiness everyone….

Take Care peep’s


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