Happiness To Me Is Everything… I Believe In Positivity, Trying To Make Others Happy…..πŸ˜”

Hello everyone.

At the moment I’m going through healing myself, as I’m struggling, but building back my strength….of over coming my eating disorder yet again, of thoughts and feelings!!! I’m slowly mending again.

The reason why I write blogs, is for happiness, healing, and inspiration, creativity, and above all music 😁!!! And to guide and help others.. going through tough times.

I’m good in my community, I love happiness in everyone, and trying to build friendships with people that’s trustworthy.

I’m slowly getting on the mend, with the help of the care team, I do feel ashamed and embarrassed by writing this , but it feels like a journal ”you know” of thoughts and feelings…and mostly sharing feelings of opening up..

I have been doing well these last few mths, finding confidence, and happiness, putting one foot in front of the other… But I was always terrified of the thoughts and feelings returning but I’m mending the pieces again… With the help of the lord too. and everyone around me friends and family.

What do you feel my pals!!! Of things that you can find in happiness, Please share 😊

Well Just a short blog, as I’m mending my strength to restore my health, be happy, love and peace everyone… Will write soon. Take care Cheerio…