What’s Your Favourite Music For Healing Your Mental Health…….

Hi, everyone……..

Music can heal our depression and anxiety…… What’s your favourite, please share with me. What gets you boosting :D!!!!

I’ve had a very tough week, or so where I’ve had to heal myself yet again, because of problems at the moment that I’m facing, with my current job in which I love most of all but I’m bettering myself in going for a promotion, and I’m happy to say it became a success, but some of my work partner’s are different towards me which brought back my depression, a feeling of low moods, crying, stress, and having those thoughts of anger and frustration….

But I’m not going to worry myself about it because it’s all about me and my health, this as given me the opportunity to become more and more confident. Why do some people do that “you know” run you down…GET’S ME ANGRY IT REALLY DOES! but I needed to heal myself and my soul again, see pals this is what I say I know I always state in my blogs about happiness, and being positive but sometimes I do struggle but I try and over come all the negativity, [but maybe it could be the way I’m just thinking].

But I’ve been working my job now for 20 years or maybe 22 years having doing a youth training scheme first to learn all the basic knowledge about mental health, I want to be able to progress my career a little more, because deep down I think I’m actually worth a bit more in my life, not to sound big headed but this is when I started to believe in myself and look for new goals of having more time to have fun and still do the job that I love doing.

And to cut a long story short, I’ve actually been through a lot this year with mental health issue’s myself, that’s why I want to inspire others because what I read of what you are going through rough and tough times, can be a devastating process of how we are feeling inside,I’m sensitive to what I read, sense anger, and also a lot of hurt, what I have endured myself I can always at times be full of anger and frustration, bearing in mind it’s all pent up feelings….And what annoys me is some people have a trouble understanding our situations “do you agree” that’s why such as social media, as I stated before, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, can all destroy our mental health and wellbeing that’s why I’m never on those sites, don’t get me wrong there are some descent people on social media, but some can be in my opinion very judge-mental, say if some people were different from others with a disability or they are can’t spell very well, or they just want to make friends, why are some quick to judge, and block or make horrible comments, that’s why I do choose sites that are positive and have a whole meaning of helping others…..Maybe some of you don’t understand what I mean, or maybe you do…..But when I read your blogs, I see the good in you as a human being esp, people who have a struggle with depression, bipolar, losing a relative, or a loved one, anxiety, or feeling a sense of loneliness, or hurt anger “you know” I know on the sites above you need to be careful… But people who are feeling a sense of loneliness, need a friend who understands in every way that they can feel comfortable and trustworthy……

Now back to the main title :D…. to heal my soul and tough times myself, I love music…60s, 80s, 90s, and most of all motown music, diana ross, the temptations, etc you name it…… my all time favourite’s are tears for fears, fleetwood mac and stevie nicks, mariah carey, whitney houston, and the list goes on and on…….. I sometimes do feel ashamed about my self harm and suicidal thoughts, but keeping busy and trying to become more confident within myself….music heals me to let go and dance and sing the night away.

What’s your favourite era of music, please share….:D

Sandi thom, punk rocker, soarsa, the pink and the lily, I’ll carry you, maggie mccoll, runaway train, merchants and thieves, superman……

My top playlist….. definitely stevie nicks, ha ha ha, as I always put in recent blogs yeah….landslide, enchanted, after the glitter fades, seven wonders, gypsy, rihannion, gold dust woman, you name I have loads of her hits in my playlist. I’M A BIG FAN.:D

And my most favourite band of all tears for fears….:D, everybody wants to rule the world, to shout, mother’s talk, I believe, the hurting, watch me bleed, change, pale shelter, sowing the seeds of love, “yeah” the list goes on and on… I also love roland orzabal’s solo work, his music for me is very healing and powerful. It has meaning and soul, raoul and the kings of spain, god’s mistake, falling down, tears roll down, always in the past, break it down again, cold, etc……

I do love prince, now his music is awesome…..david bowie, listen guys I have so so many I could probably bore you ha ha ha..

My playlist can go on and on……. but maybe I can share it in other blogs who knows……

Love Yourself …..

Please be happy….. See you everyone, Cheerio!! Love and peace x