How Our Mental Health Can Make Us Feel Positive……And Not Ashamed……Or Make Us Feel Lonely,

Hello there everyone,

Now I know I said that I was having a break from blogging but something inspired me to do this post :] So here goes…..

Our mental health can read many stories, but never tell many stories until we open up our hidden world of suffering……. We may look fine on the outside but don’t know the answers from inside of our souls.

1, Bipolar disorder..

A person suffering from bipolar disorder, no matter how down they feel or out of control they feel, it’s important to remember that you’re not powerless when it comes to bipolar disorder.

Will anyone ever love me, of course people with bipolar love….

I know many people with bipolar disorder who love deeply, I work with people with bipolar disorder who as feelings of love in their hearts…. People with bipolar disorder become a couple, have children, live together, and participate in relationships just like everyone else, I know these people, and from what I can tell, people with bipolar disorder have the same chance as everyone else of being in a happy coupling…

I work in the mental health profession and I don’t see people any different than any other person but maybe they feel different to us, where they are trying to lead a life with confidence, and learning to love, and taking tiny steps at a time of leading a positive life, so don’t feel ashamed.. you should enjoy life like any other human being.

Love is tough to find even for the most well among us, but love happens, just like bipolar disorder…

I dealt with a lot of loneliness with my mental health illness, I overcome this by doing three things each time I start to think I had very few friends and that I’ll be lonely forever.

1, Determine what is depression and what is real loneliness.

2, Turn off social media and interact with humans and animals.

3, Plan events even if you are not up to it.

Often experience of loneliness when depressed. don’t make plans when depressed and say no to meeting people even when they are feeling better, they can become lonely because they turned down so many opportunities when they get depressed! It can become a vicious circle…. And for the majority of the time, loneliness is a depression symptom for all with an illness, they can become blessed with many friendships. Due to issue’s contacting people in order to help with loneliness It’s to me: depression isolation and we can fight it regularly. What does it matter, if known that it is from their illness of bipolar disorder. They can then focus on the illness and feel more comfortable with themselves…..

If a person is lonely all of the time no matter what mood they are experiencing. It’s about real life, if a person is only lonely during a mood swing, it’s about the illness.

This means that by treating depression, they will heal their loneliness, try and focus on the out come instead of feelings in the moment.

My final strategy is try and force yourself to plan events with other people no matter how you feel. But don’t let your brain come up with so many excuses. Go and explore more easier said than done, as I keep saying ….You can become more sociable, don’t be afraid that is what I learned myself, keep saying to yourself no I’m going to do this I’am going out…..

You may think that planning events will never be fun when feeling loneliness, but I found it more fun and eventful.

Try joining group events with the same interests from practicing a language or going hiking in the mountains which is my favourite vacation of all, that is one of my inspirations to do in the new year 2020 :D…. People are friendly and like all of us, crave human attention. That is what is being in a group is all about, If you are reading this and you think that you can’t do that, and that being social is the hardest thing for you, I suggest put aside what you think and feel and do something social anyway, if you come home and think “I don’t want to do that again” well maybe that’s not for you , but if you can do something sociable with others, your mood can shift and you can feel less lonely.

It really helped me with my mental health illness, and never, ever be ashamed…. because happiness is their for you…..

Well take care, Peace, Love And Happiness.. Cheerio!!!:D..x