Starting A Life With Self-Confidence!!!

Hello peep’s :D!!!

People find it difficult to cope with their illness, and growing confidence can be a struggle due, to what they have faced in the past……….

We need to be more confident in ourselves, pushing through self-limiting beliefs. As children we can conquer the world, but somewhere between childhood and adulthood, our enthusiasm and natural inclination to dream big are squashed… I needed to face my fears, and overthinking above all.

I decided to train confidence: esp at my workplace and open courses, with my mental health training…. Having true confidence not only allows you to have a positive impact at work, but it also helped me make choices that made me benefit my home life too.

Self confidence can also be learned at any age no matter who you are or where you were from. As long as your brain has the capacity to learn, which is something that is always there, you have a chance to learn how to become confident.

I understand that people feel differently towards confidence, as it can be hard to adjust, just as I found it extremely hard myself, but it’s all about how you believe in yourself, we all have a power inside of us, and due to our behaviours of our mental health it can be totally destroyed, and it can be very nerve- wrecking has we can go to pieces……

Let’s Beat This!!!!

There is 8 simple things you can do to become much more confident……..this is what I used myself.

  1. Focus on improving yourself instead of comparing with others
  2. Say “thank you” instead of sorry
  3. Simply say “no” when you don’t feel like doing it
  4. Stand tall
  5. Exercise to keep yourself energetic
  6. Smile to strangers
  7. Sit straight
  8. Set goals for yourself everyday and record your achievements

When I was really going through a difficult period with my mental health, esp with low self esteem and my anorexia, that is all I thought about comparing myself to others who were successful, beautiful, married with children thinking one day I would love to have that…. constantly thinking that I’m a different person altogether when we are who we are, and that we cannot change it. Confidence is seriously a hard struggle, I’m not denying that at all, over recent months I’ve felt lack of self- confidence myself as you know, I spent 2 months in march and may admitted to a rehab centre as I suffered two breakdowns with my mental health issue’s and my past from my childhood but by keeping a journal diary of writing down my thoughts and feelings it gave me more power to kiss it goodbye…… and it has ever since!!!! so now I do feel a little more comfortable in my own skin, I talk to people a lot more with out being defensive and taking things personal, my confidence as raised above all.. I’ve gained achievements and goals of doing more things that I extremely enjoy without a doubt, where I now say to myself it’s my life and I live it no matter my illness and struggles, I believe that above all else we should all be loved and accepted no matter who you are or whether people are different from others.

It’s like when certain people do find it extremely hard with self- confidence, and they struggle to cope with feelings of being very anxious, and in trembling situations,that is just exactly what I was going through, sometimes I still can, just because I’am succeeding a little doesn’t mean that I still don’t feel the sensations that I feel sick to my stomach.. I just now try and look at it differently and push myself to the limit of being energetic and doing that by keeping myself busy.

I sometimes struggle to cope, with my thoughts and behaviours as that will never go away, I still have bad days, where I still find it difficult with depression, having low moods at times I just try and keep myself grounded away from self harm and suicidal thoughts that I once was feeling.

And with confidence we can try and enjoy the things we used to love by taking one step at a time, maybe it is the way we feel about ourselves. This is a guide to happiness:

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

By making your own decision, Don’t consult with a friend about what to order for dinner or call you spouse when shopping for groceries. Make a decision with your gut feeling and what it is telling you. This will make you feel stronger and allows you to practice trusting your inner voice.

Trying something new, Confidence doesn’t come from perfection it comes for effort, that’s what I had to learn myself “you know everyone has perfection” when that actually isn’t true. Just because you have struggles in life doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and learn new things and at last you can find true happiness…… believe in yourself.

Gently exercise, Exercise is the most important thing . Just moving your body will break up negative thoughts and boost your levels of adrenaline. Try moving your body everyday, just be mindful on your energy and never overdo it. A seven minute workout or yoga in your living room will all work.

Clean up your new feeds, social media can be full of triggers, images and updates, can push you into a bad mood,. Start following “happy” accounts Healthy place on facebook or my guidance girl page always inspires. The more positive images you view the better you will feel like I did….

Music makes you breath faster, increases your pulse, and most of all makes you smile. Or this one, this is another one of my favourite songs :D…… happy by pharrell williams.

Thinking over the past week, by writing down every nice thing people have said to you, review complements or comments when you are feeling insecure. Make a happy playlist for yourself, music can physiologically make changes to your brain and body, like I stated in my very first blog, I love to dance and sing it makes my mood happy, “you know” songs with a quick tempo and uplifting lyrics, like stevie nicks her song enchanted does it for me :D!!! that jumping and uplifting song!!! very catchy I tell you listen to it :D…….

This is my all time favourite on my playlist, or everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears, it’s a summary upbeat….Share with me, what are a few on your playlist…..

Confidence will steadily come over time, and remember you are as strong as ever. Start to look after you…….

Well that’s it my dearest pals!!!! Take Care and finally

Peace, Love, And Happiness, Cheerio :D!!!

8 thoughts on “Starting A Life With Self-Confidence!!!

  1. Absolutely love it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Love the words and you offering me a true state of your consciousness.

    Need more people like you in the world.

    YouTube has done what they did to me the other day with your first video.

    The basterds have blocked it from being shared because the YouTube channel who’s posted it…doesn’t own the rights.

    I’ll go on YouTube n bust the sounds out now. Will work for me that way.

    Hope you’ve had an amazing day Kim…stay you. ✌️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment my friend, what a bummer…… I’ve got an idea for my next blog….. Watch this space for a bit of music β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜ oh stevie is my inspiration, love her music truly….. Take care hope you have had a fab day youself……

      Liked by 1 person

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