Inspirational Quotes…..Looking On The Positive Side Of Our Mental Health….!πŸ’

Hello my dearest pals…….hope everything is well ❀️

The reason of doing this post, is that I believe…. Inspiration is the key to our mental health and looking at something that is positive…..

This is why we look at inspirational quotes to help us look for solace and spirit in our souls… goes.

Finding and giving happiness and guidance, is my key to see all the good in others!!! That is my main key, to give something back and no matter what, if you have difficultly healing and rising your head above water, NEVER GIVE UP!!! keep trying… ✊

I don’t think people realise how much strength It takes to pull your own self out of a dark place mentally, so if you have done that today or any day…..I’m proud of you.πŸŒΉπŸ’—

We are equal, we both walk two feet on this earth…..and we are in this together…

Motivational and Inspirational quotes sets for Mental Health Day. Just breathe, how are you, you are more then your illness, love your mind, you are not alone, be more you, love yourself.πŸ’ž

There’s going to be very painful moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes…..These moments will change YOU. Let them make you stronger, smarter, and kinder. But don’t you go and become someone that you’re not……Cry scream if you have too…Then you straighten out that crown and keep it moving…

Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and it will come your way absolutely…..

Whats broken can be mended, what hurts can be healed…. And no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again..

Never apologise for being sensitive, or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart….and aren’t afraid to let others see it..showing your emotions is a sign of strength..

It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life….Because It’s out there!!! GO AND GRAB IT while you can…

You know you’re on the right path… when you feel good about moving forward, and you could not care less when looking back….

We Can Beat This……

This is how I dealt with my inspirations…and continued to heal myself and try and look at different….ways to adjust myself,

Well my lovelies……take care, love, peace, and happiness…..β€οΈβœŒπŸ˜„

Cheerio peep’s πŸŽ€ xx

Losing My Father, Very Young…. And How I Coped With Depression In My Childhood…. And The Grieving Process That Led Me To My Mental Health….πŸ˜’πŸ’”

Hello my happy bloggers…..

This is about my childhood…..growing up without one parent… That I lost at the tender age of 9 yrs old….

My story……🌷🌷

When I was Young, my father meant everything too me, I was a dad’s first born… And of course then my brother, in which he was only 2 yrs old at the time of his death…

It was a very hard intense moment for me, as I was present at the time of his death, at the age of 42 yrs I was there in that horrible experience… I remember shouting him… at the time and It was really hard, even today I can still see his face 😒😞 thinking I wish I was that 2 yr old…

Me, dad, mom and my family, we had lovely get together’s and holidays that I miss…. Mostly at christmas time…..We used to go to a club on a saturday evenings and going to disco’s πŸ’ƒ… That’s where the love of music comes from. 🎢

I was very lucky I suppose as a child, christmas time was the best, I loved opening presents 🎁 when dad was there…. to see our faces glow with excitement…. And mum 😊

But losing him was the hardest, for me… I became shocked in my childhood, that I don’t think I ever grieved properly, as I never spoke about his death, and seeing everything that reminded me of him was utterly turmoil…. 😞

This was difficult on my mental health issues, I was in complete denial that he was gone…. My mum had met someone new and remarried two yrs after dads death…. Which had gotten me so angry.

I’m not going to lie, I made his life a living hell, I was extremely hard to cope with, and (I see it now) that I’ve changed because I’m older.. But what became more difficult for me was that mum became pregnant… And when she told me, I was livid… I used to tell extreme lies about him to seek attention from my mum….

Me and dad πŸ₯°

I suffered depression, grief and loss…. It was so difficult for me to express my feelings as a child, no one ever asked how I was feeling….Everything reminded me of him, like for example I was a big fan of kylie minogue and jason donovan…and I still am. But kylie was my absolute idol growing up, my mum and dad brought me her videos and records that even today I could never ever part with them….. It would absolutely break my heart πŸ˜’πŸ’”.

Them are my fond memories of him, listening to them songs around the house, in his presence….even though it wasn’t his type of music…and also sharing happier times with him at the movies…. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

My mental health raised when I was at school… As you all understand I had a tough time being bullied…but I used my dads death as a comfort… So people would stop picking on me…but even though it was a struggle I did manage to cope with that.

My anxiety and depression, became worse, due to being bullied, that I needed dads guidance, even though mom tried her best, but at the time I was just to difficult… I was extremely angry… I’ve never been a bad influence in my life… But i was just in complete denial as I said before….

But I became strong, and if I didn’t have guidance in my life, I wouldn’t be as strong than I ever thought I would be, πŸ‹.

And my mom’s partner I excepted, along with my sister, as I wouldn’t be without them now…

But dad will always be in my memory.. And always in my heart.. with music too…

grieving was the hardest thing, as a child but whoever as been through hard times losing a parent….please share if you found it difficult..

I love my family now… And dad is shining over me⭐ because he’s guided my life…into a whole lot more even though there as been struggles….

Miss you dad…28 yrs today 😘😘🌹🌹..xx

Take care, love ❀️ peace✌ and happiness…😁

cheerio!!! Xx

and please my lovely pals…. Read my post on my other site eternal moments… As everything is my journey of my life sooo far, I would be much appreciated…Thank you… My lovelies ❀️

My Journey Of Healing, And Why I Write My Blogs……And How It Helped Me Find Stability.

Hello my lovely bloggers…..

My inspiration of doing this post, is looking of how far I have become as a human being…I’m on the way of healing myself, and I’ve succeeded my journey…. I’ve always seen the good in others, of the posts that I read of which I become sensitive too, and as of which I’m raising funds for the awareness of mental health. I’m participating in a sponsored run…… so things are brightening up for me..I see the good in all of you 100%

Blogging as changed me and the way I live my life and as helped in so many ways of typing down my thoughts and feelings as my journal, but also finding my stability above all else…

I know happiness is hard to find.. as for over the past few weeks I’ve had to find myself with my anorexia nervosa but I’m mending every little piece of my soul that as now healing… and now I’ve found the confidence again to continue my journey with you guys….

I just love writing, and one day I will follow my dreams of going to university next year, to do my counselling level 2…And do my therapy training.

These are dreams that we can follow, what are your main goals in your life, please comment and share with me… everybody as a purpose in life, no matter what we face.

Happiness, and healing is beautiful, we can find that light at the end of every tunnel, as we do despite our mental health… never give up pals, just like I haven’t we have so many dreams ahead of us, keep putting yourself on the right track… and you will get there..


And this is the reason why I blog, to try and help guide others hopefully in the right direction….as I’ve struggled myself and it’s definitely not easy because we all have a shining light inside our souls…of happiness.

Love, Peace, And Happiness everyone….

Take Care peep’s


How We Can Maintain An Outgoing Life,Without Judgement On Our Mental Health……🌹

Hi, happy blogger’s how are you today!!!

Something as inspired me to do this post, as I’m very sensitive to certain situations….. People shouldn’t be judged or intimidated by there mental health, we are only human…

When being in a social crowd, and you have a fear of social anxiety, Isn’t a choice, I wish that people knew how badly this can be, they wish they could be like everybody else, and how hard it is to be affected by something that can bring them to their knee’s every single day…

I’ve suffered with social anxiety, due to my bullying in the past I was frightened to walk past crowds in the street where I lived at the time, even to my local shops,because their would be crowds of people, esp from school who had to say something completely mean for no reason… and that brought on my fear of social anxiety for many years that always made me feel uncomfortable around others.

When having certain experiences with mental health, such as bipolar, anxiety, social anxiety, isolated, loneliness, no one to trust or talk too…. some find it hard to cope with and try to reach out to hold a hand in need, that’s why writing about our thoughts and feelings we feel a sense of release of feeling better by expressing them……


If you are having trouble making friends, here are a few tips and tricks that might help you bring awesome new people into your life…..

1, Love yourself.

It’s so much easier to get other people to love you if you take the time to love yourself. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but it can help you make friends. You’ll also find if you feel better about yourself, it can make things easier to bear [ though I’m not suggesting this a cure for mental health]. Try focusing on your physical health, making a list of small goals or just doing something you enjoy everyday…

2,  Join a support group.

Mental health support groups,

Can be a great place to make friends because you don’t have to worry about being judged for your mental health illness. Usually, everyone in the group is going through a similar experience and is trying to find ways to reach out and connect with others. Don’t feel like you have to stay in one support group just because it’s the first one you picked. Feel free to try a bunch until you find a group of people you mesh with.

3, Take a class.

You don’t have to go back to school for this trick, find a class that offers something you’re interested in like cooking, painting, sewing, etc. These classes can be a great way to find people who have similar interests while doing something you enjoy. Plus you can hone skills at the same time.

4, Stay connected.

The trickiest part of making friendships that stick is staying connected. If you meet someone you’re interested in fostering a friendship with, get some contact details. Phone numbers, Twitter handles, Facebook details β€” the type of contact info doesn’t matter. The trick is to stay in touch so you can build the friendship up. People tend to think social media is isolating us because we’re all constantly staring at our phones, but recent studies have found the opposite is true. Facebook users, for example, have been found to have closer and stronger relationships than those who don’t use social media. Social media can also help you stay in touch with people who might live a bit further away.

5, Ask for help.

If you’re seeing a therapist β€” or considering visiting one β€” mention to them you’re having trouble making friends. They’ll have a better understanding of your specific situation than any random β€œhow-to” site, and they might be able to offer advice or tricks that might help you more because they’re catered to you. Therapists are there to help you, not to judge your friend-making skills, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have the option to do so.

6, Find someone who loves you for you.

Making and maintaining friendships might seem like an insurmountable hurdle when you’re struggling to just get out of bed in the morning, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to help you deal with your mental illness. Build up a good support network to help you through the hard times, and you’ll have an amazing group to help you celebrate all the good times as well.

Try these strategies by taking a few steps at a time…. and I know it isn’t the easiest thing but believe in yourself, love yourself, never mind what others think or say…… we are all meant to be here on this earth… and above all deserves love…

Take Care Cheerio!!

Love, peace, and happiness above all…β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜

An Open Letter To My Younger Self…..⭐

Hello Everyone, Hope you are well…..

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been in recovery from my eating disorder, don’t worry I’m not going to bore your heads with all that again [ I’m healing well!!] :]

First of all…… Dear little me!!!

I have not spoken to you in such a long time. It’s your older self here writing you this letter. I hope you are well.

I can see the struggles that you are facing; I can see it in your eyes, that you feel like you don’t belong. I feel it in your soul that you are struggling and need some guidance. You quiver at the sight of people, you shudder at the touch of a stranger, and you drag your lifeless body everywhere that you go.

Younger adult self,

Hello beautiful. I am beside myself to see all the potential you have in your future. I know right now you feel a little lost, and definitely pretty confused, but I am here to tell you, every struggle you are going through right now is worth it. You are navigating through some of the roughest waters of life, and there are many days that you can barely stay afloat, Just know that this rocky time in your life is preparing you for the amazing that you are to become…..

There are many things I would like to tell you, because as they say, hindsight is 20/20. But I think that what you need to hear most right now is that it’s okay not to know exactly who you are yet.

Discovering your true self is what this time is about. You are given more freedom at this time than you have ever had before, and it has ignited a beautiful, youthful sense of exploration in you, embrace it, kiss the boy, buy the shoes, take the class, go on a road trip. Make mistakes and learn from them. And by doing all of this, you will learn about yourself in a way that you never have, and never will be able to again.

You are beautifully, remarkably, imperfectly human, and because of that , you have your own quirky uniqueness about you. That uniqueness can change the world some day. Bask in it. Do not conform yourself to societal norms in an attempt to please everyone else. You will only leave yourself feeling deflated in the end, emptied of the beautiful spirit that once thrived inside you.

Have your own opinions, and share them in the world. Do not waste these precious years pretending that you’re not. Set your inner self free.

Lastly, love yourself before you love anyone else. You are a giver , not a taker, and while that is an astounding trait to have, it can be detrimental for your relationship with yourself. Become best friends with yourself, learn to laugh at your imperfections, and praise the good in others. Your body is a temple, and it should be treated as such.

There is a bright spirited, infectious soul inside of you, and you will love her, I promise,

Enjoy this bumpy ride, be a student of your mistakes, and allow yourself to be 110% truly you. The moment you forget what everyone else thinks and you unleash your inner self, you will break out of the box you have built for yourself, and you will shine with a blinding brightness.

Hold your head up, beautiful girl. Every wrong turn still gets you closer to the destination that is you. Discovering who you are is a journey that is built by mistakes, but never forget how strong you are coming to be……

Go forward, and do great things. You’re going to love who you become


Your older self.

But I could look at this another way……. here goes

To my younger self, I hope you know that heartache isn’t forever, nor will this be the last of it. Heartache is like a cloak draping over heavy shoulders, one we must learn to shed when it as taught us the lessons we need to grow. Heartache is how we know there are real things in this world; things that are so beautiful and raw and so close to our heart that it leaves a scar so deep when it leaves us.

If it doesn’t hurt, then it isn’t real, and in a world where there are so many glossy and superficial mannequins of people and products, we know how genuine gems are so rare to find and hard to come by.

Well my pals, know that everything will be okay because I am here telling you so. Know that everyday is the best thing that can happen to you, despite the pain we endure with our mental health, things are unfolding in their own miraculous way in the right direction. Know this and believe this because I am proof that you’ve made it out alive on the other side of the tunnel.

And despite what I’ve been through myself the last couple of weeks, I’m a strong person and so are all of you……

Peace, Love, and happiness!!!β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜„

Cheerio Take Care x

How We Can Hold On Tight To Our Dreams….πŸ’–β€οΈ

Hi, my lovely bloggers…πŸ™‚

These last few days I’ve felt my heart sinking in despair, I’m getting the help I need to heal my soul….🌹🌹

Now my friends, I have now my own time to write my blogs, even though I’m in recovery πŸ™‚ I need something to keep my mind occupied ”right”…. Well my dear lovelies, I’am going to win this battle βœŠπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š..

Well I reminded myself that, I’ve come this far and that I’m going to hold onto my dreams….I have so many thoughts lingering in my head over and over, thinking have I gone crazy!!! of course not (laugh out loud) but at the same time at the end of the day we are only human..

I always write about happiness, positivities, peace✌❀️ ”yeah” dudes, but it is never that easy is it. In order to feel a sense of healing I need to get myself healthy and motivated again…

I’m at the moment recovering from my eating disorder…And I need to restore my health above all else, I’m a fighter πŸ’ͺ.

Now…I’m bored at the moment!!! Even though I’m doing my blogs 😜 no guys honestly I really am πŸ˜† so lets try and feel a sense of happiness πŸ™‹….

Holding onto my dreams I have so many goals I would love to achieve but I’m thinking, am I going in the right direction…. am I strong enough, to carry on forward, when I think about the year I have had… I find it impossible, I go into my own shell, even though I’m recovering now, I always think of my future ”you know” what does it hold for me.

We can all be strong enough if we put our minds to the test 😁….

What are your dream goals, please share with me πŸ˜› as it will help keep my spirit up for you guys while I’m healing myself πŸ’œ as we can become strong and above all happy..

Hold On Tight To Your Dreams…..

I love this song!!! I started to listen deeply to the lyrics…. and it had a whole new meaning….

How can we make our own dreams come true….lets see!!!

There is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams. You can make your dreams come true if you put in the effort and make a reasonable plan. All you have to do is know what you want and take baby steps to be on your path to success. There will be some bumps along the way, but if you learn from your setbacks, you’ll be even more likely to get what you’ve always wanted in the end.

Turn your dream into a burning desire. You will need to turn your dream into a burning desire in your heart. A strong will to achieve your dreams boosts self-confidence and will aid you in pulling through some of the worst stages of life. The way to turn your dream into a burning desire is to believe that your dream is achievable and that you can actually achieve it. If you just look at it as a general wish, such as losing five pounds this year, or wanting to move somewhere sunny without really doing it, then you won’t be able to take it seriously.

  • Once it has become a burning desire you are no longer to refer to it as a dream, because the very nature of a dream gives the impression that it is not real. You have to start thinking of it as something more.
  • It is important to move from dream to burning desire, to goal. Only a goal can be approached

Enjoy the journey.
 The most important thing is not to think that your life is terrible and that you’ll only find happiness once you achieve your dream. In fact, once you achieve your dream and the euphoria has worn off, you’ll find that you may return to your natural state of being and will be hungry for a new dream. This kind of longing and forward thinking is perfectly normal, so you should enjoy following every step of the way instead of thinking that you’ll only be happy/feel proud of yourself/feel like your life has meaning after you’ve achieved your goal. Instead, enjoy every step of the way and be proud of yourself the whole way through.

Reevaluate your dream if you can’t achieve it. This isn’t meant to be a downer. Of course, if you work hard and make the right plans, you’ll be more likely to achieve your dreams. But the fact of the matter is, not all dreams can be attained by anyone, especially if your dream is something like being a famous actor or writing a best-selling novel. Even the most talented celebrities or successful people have had their fair share of luck, and at the end of the day, you may have all of the talent and drive in the world, but you may not be able to make it work. If this is the case and you’ve tried again and again, there will come a point where you’ll have to realize that you need to modify your goals or create new goals so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

You can’t bank absolutely everything on achieving your one dream, or you are bound to end up feeling like a failure if you don’t achieve it. Instead, you have to find a way of living a fulfilling life that has many rewarding aspects instead of throwing all your eggs in one basket. This will require you to readjust your expectations, sure, but in the end, you will end up feeling more fulfilled and proud of yourself.

Holding onto your dreams, above all believe in yourself, try to be confident and happy…..

Well that’s it my happy pals, I need to get some sleep now, if I can……πŸ˜΄πŸ˜†

Take Care of Yourselves, Cheerio!!! 😁

Happiness To Me Is Everything… I Believe In Positivity, Trying To Make Others Happy…..πŸ˜”

Hello everyone.

At the moment I’m going through healing myself, as I’m struggling, but building back my strength….of over coming my eating disorder yet again, of thoughts and feelings!!! I’m slowly mending again.

The reason why I write blogs, is for happiness, healing, and inspiration, creativity, and above all music 😁!!! And to guide and help others.. going through tough times.

I’m good in my community, I love happiness in everyone, and trying to build friendships with people that’s trustworthy.

I’m slowly getting on the mend, with the help of the care team, I do feel ashamed and embarrassed by writing this , but it feels like a journal ”you know” of thoughts and feelings…and mostly sharing feelings of opening up..

I have been doing well these last few mths, finding confidence, and happiness, putting one foot in front of the other… But I was always terrified of the thoughts and feelings returning but I’m mending the pieces again… With the help of the lord too. and everyone around me friends and family.

What do you feel my pals!!! Of things that you can find in happiness, Please share 😊

Well Just a short blog, as I’m mending my strength to restore my health, be happy, love and peace everyone… Will write soon. Take care Cheerio…

How I Will Heal Again……Battling Anorexia Nervosa…With Time And Patience…. πŸ’”πŸ˜’

Hello my friends…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. And I need to open up the door,

Anorexia nervosa is the most dangerous eating disorder of them all, which made my body image look distorted for a long time…….. Lord help me I suggested…..I need faith and strength, to over come this terrible illness,.. because I’ve been at a stage of binge eating from depression I struggled to cope, and it was painful to think of ever getting like that again, so I had the desire of becoming thin…By starving myself into an oblivion……

Dear Anorexia, I’m calling it quits.

I’m upset at this precise moment, of why you have done such a thing? I always felt betrayed by you, I actually thought you were using me from the very start,

I remember when I met you. You were so stunning I was absolutely captivated by you, you were everything I ever wanted to be, you were everything I desired. And in that moment, I decided that I needed you, I needed your guidance, I needed your advice, I needed your opinions, I breathed for them, I lived for them.

You made me feel whole, you made me feel new. I was finally finding myself. I let you take me. I handed myself over on a silver platter, and you were more than happy to indulge in my innocence.

No matter what I did, no matter where I went, I knew you would always be there for me, I knew you would look out for me, You wanted the best for me, You became my bestest friend…..I didn’t believe anyone understood me the way you did.

But I became very obsessed with you, and you thrived from my obsession. By the time I realised how wrong you were for me, you had already achieved what you wanted, I was addicted to you. You took complete advantage of me, you took my youth, you took my purity, you took my happiness, you took my creativity, you took my independence, you took my confidence, and most of all my strength.

You have taken everything from me, Now every time I eat I think of you, and it makes me sick. Now every time I sleep I dream of you, now every time I wake up you’re my first thought, now every time I feel contentment, it’s short lived. Now every time I look in the mirror, I can’t see myself clearly.

You made me believe I was worthless, you made me believe that I didn’t deserve happiness. You made me believe that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, you made me believe that the world is cruel and that love is a complete and utter lie…

But you were fucking wrong…….

Every moment with you was disoriented.

You never made me feel whole, or new, I never found myself when I was with you, I found depression and darkness, you were never there for me, you never looked out for me one bit, you only looked out for yourself, you never wanted the best for me……

You never truly knew me, and you never understood me. You were never a friend, you were just a devil dressed as an angel.

I’am still broken because of you I truly am……

I am still recovering, I am still struggling, I am still healing in the process, you still haunt me every single day. But the ghost of you is diminishing little by little. And as your ghost fades, my soul will be restored, and I will take back my youth, my purity, my self esteem, my happiness, my creativity, my independence, my confidence, and most importantly my strength.

I need to take some time to get better my pals, and hopefully I will return soon once I’ve restored my health……

Take care, Love, peace, and above all happiness…..cheerio!!!!

What’s Your Favourite Music For Healing Your Mental Health…….

Hi, everyone……..

Music can heal our depression and anxiety…… What’s your favourite, please share with me. What gets you boosting :D!!!!

I’ve had a very tough week, or so where I’ve had to heal myself yet again, because of problems at the moment that I’m facing, with my current job in which I love most of all but I’m bettering myself in going for a promotion, and I’m happy to say it became a success, but some of my work partner’s are different towards me which brought back my depression, a feeling of low moods, crying, stress, and having those thoughts of anger and frustration….

But I’m not going to worry myself about it because it’s all about me and my health, this as given me the opportunity to become more and more confident. Why do some people do that “you know” run you down…GET’S ME ANGRY IT REALLY DOES! but I needed to heal myself and my soul again, see pals this is what I say I know I always state in my blogs about happiness, and being positive but sometimes I do struggle but I try and over come all the negativity, [but maybe it could be the way I’m just thinking].

But I’ve been working my job now for 20 years or maybe 22 years having doing a youth training scheme first to learn all the basic knowledge about mental health, I want to be able to progress my career a little more, because deep down I think I’m actually worth a bit more in my life, not to sound big headed but this is when I started to believe in myself and look for new goals of having more time to have fun and still do the job that I love doing.

And to cut a long story short, I’ve actually been through a lot this year with mental health issue’s myself, that’s why I want to inspire others because what I read of what you are going through rough and tough times, can be a devastating process of how we are feeling inside,I’m sensitive to what I read, sense anger, and also a lot of hurt, what I have endured myself I can always at times be full of anger and frustration, bearing in mind it’s all pent up feelings….And what annoys me is some people have a trouble understanding our situations “do you agree” that’s why such as social media, as I stated before, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, can all destroy our mental health and wellbeing that’s why I’m never on those sites, don’t get me wrong there are some descent people on social media, but some can be in my opinion very judge-mental, say if some people were different from others with a disability or they are can’t spell very well, or they just want to make friends, why are some quick to judge, and block or make horrible comments, that’s why I do choose sites that are positive and have a whole meaning of helping others…..Maybe some of you don’t understand what I mean, or maybe you do…..But when I read your blogs, I see the good in you as a human being esp, people who have a struggle with depression, bipolar, losing a relative, or a loved one, anxiety, or feeling a sense of loneliness, or hurt anger “you know” I know on the sites above you need to be careful… But people who are feeling a sense of loneliness, need a friend who understands in every way that they can feel comfortable and trustworthy……

Now back to the main title :D…. to heal my soul and tough times myself, I love music…60s, 80s, 90s, and most of all motown music, diana ross, the temptations, etc you name it…… my all time favourite’s are tears for fears, fleetwood mac and stevie nicks, mariah carey, whitney houston, and the list goes on and on…….. I sometimes do feel ashamed about my self harm and suicidal thoughts, but keeping busy and trying to become more confident within myself….music heals me to let go and dance and sing the night away.

What’s your favourite era of music, please share….:D

Sandi thom, punk rocker, soarsa, the pink and the lily, I’ll carry you, maggie mccoll, runaway train, merchants and thieves, superman……

My top playlist….. definitely stevie nicks, ha ha ha, as I always put in recent blogs yeah….landslide, enchanted, after the glitter fades, seven wonders, gypsy, rihannion, gold dust woman, you name I have loads of her hits in my playlist. I’M A BIG FAN.:D

And my most favourite band of all tears for fears….:D, everybody wants to rule the world, to shout, mother’s talk, I believe, the hurting, watch me bleed, change, pale shelter, sowing the seeds of love, “yeah” the list goes on and on… I also love roland orzabal’s solo work, his music for me is very healing and powerful. It has meaning and soul, raoul and the kings of spain, god’s mistake, falling down, tears roll down, always in the past, break it down again, cold, etc……

I do love prince, now his music is awesome…..david bowie, listen guys I have so so many I could probably bore you ha ha ha..

My playlist can go on and on……. but maybe I can share it in other blogs who knows……

Love Yourself …..

Please be happy….. See you everyone, Cheerio!! Love and peace x

How Our Mental Health Can Make Us Feel Positive……And Not Ashamed……Or Make Us Feel Lonely,

Hello there everyone,

Now I know I said that I was having a break from blogging but something inspired me to do this post :] So here goes…..

Our mental health can read many stories, but never tell many stories until we open up our hidden world of suffering……. We may look fine on the outside but don’t know the answers from inside of our souls.

1, Bipolar disorder..

A person suffering from bipolar disorder, no matter how down they feel or out of control they feel, it’s important to remember that you’re not powerless when it comes to bipolar disorder.

Will anyone ever love me, of course people with bipolar love….

I know many people with bipolar disorder who love deeply, I work with people with bipolar disorder who as feelings of love in their hearts…. People with bipolar disorder become a couple, have children, live together, and participate in relationships just like everyone else, I know these people, and from what I can tell, people with bipolar disorder have the same chance as everyone else of being in a happy coupling…

I work in the mental health profession and I don’t see people any different than any other person but maybe they feel different to us, where they are trying to lead a life with confidence, and learning to love, and taking tiny steps at a time of leading a positive life, so don’t feel ashamed.. you should enjoy life like any other human being.

Love is tough to find even for the most well among us, but love happens, just like bipolar disorder…

I dealt with a lot of loneliness with my mental health illness, I overcome this by doing three things each time I start to think I had very few friends and that I’ll be lonely forever.

1, Determine what is depression and what is real loneliness.

2, Turn off social media and interact with humans and animals.

3, Plan events even if you are not up to it.

Often experience of loneliness when depressed. don’t make plans when depressed and say no to meeting people even when they are feeling better, they can become lonely because they turned down so many opportunities when they get depressed! It can become a vicious circle…. And for the majority of the time, loneliness is a depression symptom for all with an illness, they can become blessed with many friendships. Due to issue’s contacting people in order to help with loneliness It’s to me: depression isolation and we can fight it regularly. What does it matter, if known that it is from their illness of bipolar disorder. They can then focus on the illness and feel more comfortable with themselves…..

If a person is lonely all of the time no matter what mood they are experiencing. It’s about real life, if a person is only lonely during a mood swing, it’s about the illness.

This means that by treating depression, they will heal their loneliness, try and focus on the out come instead of feelings in the moment.

My final strategy is try and force yourself to plan events with other people no matter how you feel. But don’t let your brain come up with so many excuses. Go and explore more easier said than done, as I keep saying ….You can become more sociable, don’t be afraid that is what I learned myself, keep saying to yourself no I’m going to do this I’am going out…..

You may think that planning events will never be fun when feeling loneliness, but I found it more fun and eventful.

Try joining group events with the same interests from practicing a language or going hiking in the mountains which is my favourite vacation of all, that is one of my inspirations to do in the new year 2020 :D…. People are friendly and like all of us, crave human attention. That is what is being in a group is all about, If you are reading this and you think that you can’t do that, and that being social is the hardest thing for you, I suggest put aside what you think and feel and do something social anyway, if you come home and think “I don’t want to do that again” well maybe that’s not for you , but if you can do something sociable with others, your mood can shift and you can feel less lonely.

It really helped me with my mental health illness, and never, ever be ashamed…. because happiness is their for you…..

Well take care, Peace, Love And Happiness.. Cheerio!!!:D..x