Believe In Yourself, Love, Trust, And Try And Enjoy Life, We Are Fighters……,❀️

Hello, My Lovelies I’m back again!!! 😁,

Hope you are all well,

My Inspiration for doing this short blog, is that I truly believe that we are fighters, and above all else we shine.

No matter of the heartaches, and how much anger we hold, we need to believe in ourselves.

Trust is a hard issue for me, because of judgement and the harm from others, but I’ve written in my journal diary, believe in yourself believe in the future, happiness will truly make us shine.

This is all really important and most of all sensitive to me as it breaks my heart πŸ’” that people with anxiety, depression, the loss of losing a family member, or other related issues such as anger, and bitterness (like myself) try our very best to over-come these feelings by trying so hard to heal ourselves that we all deserve to be in this world of happiness without judgement or fear.

I had to heal myself, as in my 20s I’ve suffered anxiety and depression, esp being in a rehab centre for a month to over- come certain issues I was facing, with self harm and suicidal thoughts.

And my pals, this is why I blog, as you know it’s about feelings, but I want to give support to all as sometimes I read and can sometimes relate to them😒😒. But the difference is I’ve over-come certain issues of anxiety and depression, I still get it at times don’t get me wrong, and all my blogs have true meaning, this is what I was feeling at the time in my 20s and I’m still a bit of an overthinker too and I do still worry a lot, I just try to look at it differently of what I did that helped me through the process of healing and forgiving, and I’m extremely sensitive to your situations tremendously because you all sound absolutely amazing!!! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.❀️✌

Easier said, but believe in yourself, believe in your happiness, heal, ❀️ we fighters are strong and beautiful!!πŸ’ͺ. I’am now a samaritan listening volunteer in my spare time of helping others, and it gives me such an honor of doing something for my community above all else for everyone going through bad times.

Love, peace, and happiness everyone, believe in yourselves, because I believe in you!!!! ❀️❀️

Happy blogging, Cbeerio!!! 😁 xx