Finding Love, Happiness, And, Above All Else,Peace……

The pursuit of Love,Peace and Happiness, can be a very inspirational thing above all else, I can imagine that I’ve had my up and down’s of living with my mental health issue’s like others, but no matter whatever you are going through, we all deserve our inner souls of being happy and peaceful and of course loved.

In this blog: I’m going to create something that seem’s important to many lives. instead of dwelling about certain things that we are trying to avoid and get past as I do myself. Let’s try and look at what makes us happy, and looking at the positive side of us as human beings.

I know sometimes that people find it difficult to find an easy solution to the side of happiness, and love, and above all else peace, Let’s try and look at it differently :]

Who loves a good time, disco’s, party’s, pop bands, concert’s I was born in 1981 and growing up I loved family parties and outings, bands, and film’s, even though at times my childhood was tough, esp in my school days, but there was a little bit of happiness that I can remember, esp with my dad who sadly passed at the age of 42, I was 9 yrs old when that surfaced but I’ll never forget the memories I had with him :]

Peace for me is nature, travelling is a dream of mine, my exciting time is the weekend, seeing certain sites, going to the park, walking, reading, drawing, and writing.

Love, happiness, and Peace, here we go :] My favourite happiness is listening to music: New Kids On The Block, Tears For Fears, Bananarama, Mel And Kim, Kylie And Jason, :] Fleetwood mac, Sonia, Motown Music, Reggae music,… Stevie Nicks. etc

Love for me is fairy tales, creativity, writing poetry, inspiration…….

Come on pals!!! Love, peace, and happiness, is in our souls, :] I know it probably doesn’t seem that way for what we go through,but we can probably turn this into something that is positive.

Why must other people be judged,

Why can’t people like us just be loved,

People that care, people who can share,

This world we live in will soon be turning to dust,

If people can’t come together to love and to trust,

Let’s end all this bitterness and sadness,

So let’s live in a world full of love, peace, and happiness,:]

Love, Happiness, Joy, And Peace…….
Enjoy Yourself……:]

This was my all time favourite song to play growing up, when I was down, [even now] and I do think it can help let our hair down and start living and enjoying ourselves as we all need to do.

Music helped my depression at times, as I’ve said before, dance and sing to your heart’s content :].

This my pals!! is for us as we are all human beings/ love, peace, and above all else happiness, that is what we all deserve in our lives [despite whatever pain we have endured]…..

This is a short blog for now. So my friends, Take Care Cheerio!!! :D..